this whole week is a massive tireness for me~
and eve of hari raya~
im working dOuble shift again~

another way of earning $~
cos of the tons of things, bills etc to pay off~
and daddy is adding another big load on me~
im gotten scream soon~
sign, tat's the working life!!!

sign again~
body mechanism isn't gd~
since work start~
appetite has decrease alottt~
just dun feel like eating anything~

emo emo emo~
im sad~
3 yrs of my student name tag,i didn't lost it~
and now 3 mth of my staff name tag,I LOST IT~
i hate myself now!!!!

halz =(

p/s: RYAN on MEN'S HEALTH, grab ur copy now~
see,im so gd lah hor,ryan haa~

p/s: was so into ''channel 5'' songs recently perhaps becos of .....


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