indeed chOcolates dO make one's/me happy~
but sushi also dO makes me lalalaaa =)
craving for sushi especially salmOn sO decided tO treat myself tO a little snack~
anyway its healthy snack~
salmOn salmOn salmOn =)

read from a magazine~
some simple healthy tips to LOSS WEIGHT~

1) Studies found out women who get less than 5hrs of slp are 60% more likely to be overweight than those who enjoy the recommended 8hrs.Scientists have also found that being tired increase ur appetite making u crave for food u dun need.So give urself a boost,slp at least 8hrs every nitz~

2) People who consumed 2 eggs a day for breakfast lost 65% more weight & 83% more in-inches ard their waist compared to those who had a sandwich with the same amt of calories.Because protein in the eggs promotes satiety so u end up eating less later in the day =)

=) =) =)
omg i luv this sOng =)


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