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Next half of the year is here~ last day of sales before increase of GST~ Gst increase~ National Stadium closed dOwn~ last time of viewing the fireworks @ my house~ daddy painting my rOom~ change of the position of my room furnitures too~ starting work tmr~ getting busy~
life will be much better~
in the fUture: might be moving hOuse in a few years time~ and next is getting a car *wink*
thE unperfEct gals decided tO went for a tan @ sentosa

yup yup~will be starting work next week~same goes for dEar~excited~hopefully everythings gOes well =)
if you looked inside a girl... you would see how much she really cries, you would find so many secrets & lots of lies, but what you'll see the most is how hard it is to stay strong~ when nothing is right & everything is wrong

Girls are NOT complicated... serlOusly How hard is it tO send an sms, to let your loves one knows you care.
~ Dennls & Anne ~ ~ ROM ~

flOwer gals,with nO bridegrOom *ops*

we jUst luv cam-whorep/s: ops,the bridegrOom didn't appear in the plc,mOre plc will be upload till then...

yup yup~
bought my K810i~
kind of smiliartO my previous phone but its slimer~

allright went for a Capoeira class just now~
well,actually its a shoot for a friend in Seventeen Magazine~
introducing this as a kind of sport which readers can take uP~
coming out in aUg issue~
and i'm the mOdellol~

its an EYE-OPENING for me~
as yup i've no idea watCapoeira is till research was done~
of cos i was lOan with a set of their white uniform~

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art combining dance,mUsic & philosophy~
and this Brazilian fight can be expressed in the word - FREEDOM

Brazilian ppl are v.friendly~
and of cos they respect their culture~
so we should respect them too.

probability of guys & gals are the same 50% each~
so dun assume its more to guys sport~
learn the basic from Master Ousado~
he's so nice~
phew,sweat a lot~
leg mOvement a lot too~

eh no idea wat to say so yup~
take a look at the website & sign up if interested~

Capoeira - The Way of Life
yesh i know i'm bElng lOved by everyone *wlnk*
thankz friends~


yesh i know i've gOt a lOt of hUggles *Hugz back*
thankz friends~

lastly i've gOt a blg hUgz frOm dEar too*mUack*

yup~been troubled by all the jObs things past few days~
been asklng a lOt of ppl for advlce tOo~
been getting a lot of encOuragement sms & tagged~
appreciated it a lot thankz =)

and yUp lastly~
i've choosen Mt.Eli with 2yrs cOntract *i bargain with them leh =p*
despite golng tO agency nurse to apply too!

yup~no matter what~
this is what i've choose~
think positively rather than negatively right~

sld be starting wOrk soon by next week~
feel like how is it tO start wOrk since i've bEen a tai-tai for sOo long haa~


yeAh i'm gOing tO dump my this stupid k800i phone~
its been giving me stupid prOblems since april~
send for repair and within 1mth+~
same problem croP up~
damn it~
its the 1st sony ericsson phone i've used and just 1/2 a yr~
problem cropped uP~

but nvm,anyway i'm happ…
can you all just stop SHOUTING~

stop shouting in my ears~
stop shouting in the phone~
just stop shouting~
i beg~

i'm tired~
can i just have some words of comfort~
and not all the shouting~
i need a hug

*locking myself up in this isolated room*
i need advlce~

while awaiting for SGH reply~
i've have an interview with another private hospital~

this private hOspital is willing tO me give a chanCe~
*you guys might nv ever thought i might be workin in this hospital*
if i will tO choose them~
i'll be working as an Anesthesia Nurse in Operating Theater~

im opEn tO all disciplinE~
no matter its in waRd,OT,EMD~
the pay is defintely higher~
whiCh might temps everyonE~


3 years bOnd with them kinda hOlding me baCK~


i've no idea if i really can take it~
and of cos the people there~
im just clUeless abOut them!

1 mOre disadvantage~
if i'll tO make a mistake in a private sectOr~
the price i've tO pay is alsO high!

lastly i still hOpe SGH will call me~
爱是一本书 By Eason:

故事书 写的很美
结局的状态 没时间摧坏
我们会来读 爱这本书
怎样才会幸福 爱谁清楚
两颗心 在记录
从热到冷 多辛苦
我们会来读 爱这本书
哪个人先结束 爱 好残酷
莫非你 也孤独~~

很久很久之后 会把来龙和去脉
我们会来读 爱这本书
怎样才会幸福 爱谁清楚
两颗心 在记录
从热到冷 多辛苦
我们会来读 爱这本书
哪个人先结束 爱 好残酷
我们会来读 爱这本书
怎样才会幸福 爱谁清楚
两颗心 在记录
从热到冷 多辛苦
我们会来读 爱这本书
哪个人先结束 爱 好残酷

a nice lovely sOng~
In my life~
i can swear i've nv ever treated anyone bad~
all my friends or ex-bfs etc~
*but if friends,u think i happened to be bad to you in which i dun even know,i apologise*
unless our "8-character" clash~

those treated bad by me or being outcast by me~
are still within my 10 fingers~

in sec sch times~
i guess in the later sec~
i was rather nasty to a very close friend of mine~
perhaps its my fault i neglect her blah blah blah~
anyway we're still friends now~
*and "Q" might be reading my blog =)*

in pOly~
the great times cOmes~
how i wish *oh not only me,the whole grOup* WISH this 'lipid' would disappear from the WORLD~
*grace,u know who im toking about,haa*
cant imagine this 'lipid' regard herself as the "MOST BEAUTIFUL GAL" in the group~
everyone almost PUKE~
sUch a bitch,slut when ever we saw her~
we are like seeing GHOST~
haa,tat's nasty!

wOrking times~
i was the newly supervisor at that time~
*tat's sound nice but work sucks*
i can sense its not a good one~
cos it didn't went smoothly~


can i've one more chance~
to prove myself again~
finally i see some lights over me~

wish mE luck in my interview tmr mOrning =)
just received nyp graduation ceremony letter~
i was able to attend~

to go or not to???
stomach cramp~
loss of appetite~
neck aching~
dun feel like toking~

im still at the lowest end of the peak~
holidays ended~
time to start work~
and yet mine is still not turning green for me~

im not feeling good~
i feel like yelling out~
can i???
BBQ was a success~

everyone had fUn~
*wink wink*

grOceries shOpplng

our tradEmarK

the all-rOunders guys~

the only-know-how to eat gals haa~

fOurskln Jump jUmp juMp~