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i hate to say this but i believe what goes around will come back ~ because i experience it myself ~  and i know others do ~
i can never believe u did that to me to ur best frend ~ i hate u and i despise you ~
i pity your best friend 'J' who is still your friend now~ i may be wrong but u are not right too~ dont say anything you dont meant it~ CJH
不知不觉,这瘦小的身体好像要倒下了。 只为了某种的生存.
He is a strange man.
He may not be wealthy, but he can give me the things money cannot buy.  He cannot read minds, but he always have that special ability to know what i am thinking. He is rational, but he would always be the first one to give in to me when we quarrell last time. He may loves the window seat, but he would readily give up the seat on the plane for me if i wanted it. He is one of the most clumsy person i know, but this is the way to show how cute he is and make me laugh.
He is a bad tempered person, but i will still tolerate and be there for him.
He loves chocolate but he wouldnt grow fat.
He loves to communicate, but he comment i'm always too quiet.
He taught me how to enjoy the melody around me.
He taught me how to stand up for myself.
He taught me how to crack my brain cell and change my point of perspective thinking now.

He is a friend, a teacher, and a lover. I love him. And love keeps no record of wrongs.  Even if I have amnesia, I would still choose him and love him all o…
“I don’t need to hug or hold you tight
I just wanna dance with you all night
In this world there’s nothing I would rather do
‘Cause I’m happy just to dance with you”
The Beatles – I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
医院有棵香柿树! 每一天风雨不变,都会拾一棵香柿豆。
its not the best ~ i didnt try harder ~
i should have push myself more ~

我听到好多掌声 但是为什么人群里没有你的众影

沒有一百分的另一半 只有五十分的兩個人

付出真心 才會得到真心 卻也可能傷得徹底
保持距離 就能保護自己 卻也註定永遠寂寞

通常願意留下來跟你爭吵的人 才是真正愛你的人

有時候 不是對方不在乎你 而是你把對方看得太重

冷漠 有時候並不是無情 只是一種避免被傷害的工具

如果我們之間有1000步的距離 你只要跨出第1步

為你的難過而快樂的 是敵人
為你的快樂而快樂的 是朋友
為你的難過而難過的 就是那些 該放進心裡的人

就算是believe 中間也藏了一個lie

真正的好朋友 並不是在一起就有聊不完的話題
而是在一起 就算不說話 也不會感到尷尬

朋友就是被你看透了 還能喜歡你的