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i want to dress like this and ride down the street
my footprints lies down under ~
you have the sweetest smile ~ you have the loudest voice ~ you give me the best you can ~ you show me how you care ~ you can easily guess my feelings ~ you kept quiet on my doings because you know i wouldnt let you down ~ you know i dont want you to worry that's why i kept quiet ~ thank you for always being there ~ for me & the family ~ Happie Mother's Day to my Beloved Mum

this debating fever has been up for almost two weeks since im back ~ its getting from bad to worst ~
new blood needs some new generations ~ i agree we have our own point of view sometimes ~ indeed we still do need the new generations to voice out for us ~ to tell the elderly what is needed to be changed ~
while the senior citizens still stand firm ~ we cant blame them for it ~ afterall they are the one who set the foundation for us ~
but it doesnt mean human dont make mistake ~ be it the young or old ~
some things just need to be change ~

afterall we are all human being ~ we will make mistake ~
finally the day is here ~
as usual please 'vo whys-lee'
dont need to be kiasu as the poll starts from 8am till 8pm ~
early or late wouldnt not change anything ~
early or late wouldnt be given any door gifts either ~

yesterday is the history cooling period~
today is the gift of polling ~
tml is a new gift from God ~

this picture is awesome!!!