The reset button was pressed, the world is taking a moment to breathe. Mother earth is self meditating and healing as the birds sings loudly, trees dancing in the wind freely, the skies looking crispy blue, clouds having more definition and the sun is shining even more brightly.
As 2020 unfolds into a new decade, it leaves all of us stunned as we try to grasp the magnitude of what really is at play in these time of the year. Clearly things have no chance of remaining the same way as it is in this new intensifying state of mind. Forcing the human beings to stop, reassess and reconsider each and individual role in the fate of humanity on the earth.
Just like what everyone is posting: 
We fell asleep in one world and woke up in the other.
Suddenly Disney is out of magic, Paris is no longer romantic, New York doesn't stand up anymore, London become the city of broken dreams,  the statue of liberty does not exist anymore, the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress,  Japan Olympics has been postpon…
31/12/19 .

A year ago, everything was different. As the year draws to a close, reflecting on what has been the end of an era for me. Feels as though i’m walking through a door and shutting it for good with a welcoming heart for the new era. .
For me, this era has been about finding myself, my voice and my place in this world. It has not been easy to hide that tear for almost 10yrs. In many ways, i’ll always remember 2019, this year as my best one after finally checking some of my fav list off on the globe and also climbing some “re-el” rocks out in nature. This word, Thank you and Thankful can never be enough to those who pull me, drill me and guide me along the new path embark at work. .
2020 gotten be a real challenging year ahead, hoping for even more adventure, stronger in my climb and smiling through =)
Happy New Year Everyone! .

Merhaba Turkey


At the mention of turkey or Cappadocia, everyone will ask "did you go for the hot air balloon"? No doubt, balloons go up every morning and fly through the amazing valleys being the most popular hot air balloon ride destination in the world.
This is evident in the morning when everyone is willing to wake up at 4-5am just to see the sky littering with close to 100 balloons.

With its most hospitable people, beautiful culture, underground cities and hollow caves, Cappadocia is like no other place on this earth that visitors will forget, the memories will be kept for the rest of their lives.

Flying back to Istanbul, which is the largest city and principal seaport of turkey, sadly it is not the capital of Turkey.
The old walled city of Istanbul stands on a triangular peninsula between Europe and Asia. Sometimes as a bridge, sometimes as a barrier, Istanbul for more than 2,500 years has stood between conflicting surges of religion, culture, and imperial power. For most of …

Rainbow Mountain

Vinicunca also called Montaña de Siete Colores (Mountain of Seven Colors) or Rainbow Mountain, is located in the Andes in Cuzco region. When I first found out that it is 5200 m high, I was wondering perhaps I can slowly make it up there since I have been up to 3600 m high before.
The day started at 3 am pick up from a nearby hostel. I went with Rainbow mountain travel as the time totally fit into our itinerary. 2 hours of rocking trip to Cusipata and have breakfast there. (Breakfast and lunch included in the price). After breakfast, 1hour of another rocking trip to the base of the Rainbow mountain. Finally at around 7am, we start the trekking. Even way before the trek, coming out of the restroom, the panting has already started. The altitude is punishing, enough to turn even a young man into a panting mess, let alone me. I pant at every single steps that ascend up. Flat ground is still all right. You will just have to keep walking. The tour guide lady & my friends kept giving their…
Purpose isn’t found in a day.  Sometimes it helps to breathe, take a step back,  and reflect on what's your reason for getting up in the morning.  Is it a chance to see the sun rise, wrap your arms around a loved one,  to seize the day (cause each day is a gift!),  the promise of good coffee, or to see what challenges the day will bring?
I realise it has been a good 6 month pass since I ever last blog. What have I been doing for this past 6 months?
Still travelling as usual, my fav hobbies =p Countdown in Gold Coast, a last min yolo trip to NPPY to rock climb, to the Asia's most happiest place Bhutan and last recent one in May to climb at  Long Dong and travel around Taiwan with family.
As for work, got promoted this May as ANC.  It's a "everyone expected" promotion and everyone sees that and  tell you that you can do it, you will make it. I don't wish for all this, I just want a nice working environment with  no two faces, no politics, no screaming or shouting anywhere. It&#…
A tiny country located in the Himalaya mountains, rule by a benevolent king. First coined as the Gross National Happiness country in Asia. And this happiest place in the world is calling my name.
Bhutan, a place where deep spiritual belief is enmeshed in all aspect of daily life. As the place soars over Bhutan, the entire Himalaya panorama began to slowly unveil  itself like a beautiful face of a women, oh so glorious. And it appeared as though some  deity was pouring milk over the majestic mountains.

And so here I stand before the glorious fortress, the Blue-eyed Buddha, the magnificent monasteries and the kingdom of mountain peaks. Opting to do the trek in Bhutan  is tough but it put life back into perspective and that is good for my soul.  Just as I was enjoying so much holding onto the inner peace, in a blink with a shed of tear, the time has finally come. I felt like I've fallen to the modern earth from heaven.
Bhutan, you have shown me that it is possible to live in a simpl…
There is always a first time. Climbing out of the comfort zone into the real rocks  world with all the veteran climbers. It was really an eye opening. Started off with the zipped line across the river to get to the river main wall, my fear gets the better of me again when I couldn't catch the rope and goes zipping back which ended up I have to pull myself through the zip-line cable to get over and there is  my first bruise when I haven even start climbing. Kudos to my first adventure.
The wall was magnificent (allright, I guess I haven seen the real big wall out there) hence I was so excited for my climb. 

The names of each individual walls are so quirky. You get to see "a birth canal", you get to "climb inside me", you get to "turn left then turn right" and into the wild. There is still so much out there. And all of them have different starting point.  Some, you just have to start from the inside of a rock climbing outwards and some  just need you to be a monkey…