2018, you taught me so much...

2018, you taught me so much.

It was chock full of lessons and a year full of breakthroughs.
Remember, forget,  forgive,  bring those memories back to life
As 2018 comes to an end....

I hope you leave behind the doubts, the lack of confidence and negative voice in your head.... I hope you leave behind the guilt you feel for choosing that you want even if it doesn't align with other's wishes.... I hope you leave behind the hates that resides in your heart... I hope you leave behind the things tha

Portraits of Pakistani.

Salam! سلام
The confusion existed due the lack of a clear boundary – geographically, geopolitical, socio-culturally, economically or historically – between South Asia and other parts of Asia, especially the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Therefore Pakistan falls under the South Asia constituent country and it is my 1st South Asia visit. Thank god for my friend who has been backpacking there for years hence I decided to visit her and the country that she has been raving about - Pakistan! Travelling in Pakistan is a truly unique experience one can never forget, it can be frustrating, enlightening and eye opening but more often than not, surprising!!! To the country of unexpected events when you cant plan much but to follow the mother nature. From the endless land slide, to rocks falling, the heart fainted road track in the mountain and time consuming at every police check point to new local friends and lastly the paradise where you want to spend ages but you realise that nothing will go a…
She has a million reasons to give up — on love, on her career, on herself   but she keeps going. She keeps hoping. She keeps believing that things  are going to get better. She’s been through hell and back, but you would never know that by looking  at her. She wears a wide smile. She talks with enthusiasm. She acts like the  world is a beautiful place, like she’s never gotten chewed up and spit out by  boys that looked her in the eyes and lied about loving her.               But she has been hurt. She has been lied to. Led on. Cheated on. Ghosted. Abandoned.     But it doesn’t matter how many boys she had to erase from her contact list, how many   relationships she got excited over and then disappointed by. All of her exes combined aren’t enough to convince her to give up hope. They’re not going to trick her into believing that she’s unlovable. She knows what she deserves, she knows that it’s out there, and she knows that she’s going to find it. She still has faith. She still has strength. Of…
This is simply one of my best trip of all! Pakistan, you really make my heart jump and fall for you! Will be back blogging after I sort out the photos!
To the Land of Pure! It's gotten be excited! It's gotten be adventurous
I gotten be brave I (Lung) gotten be strong =)

Maybe it was me? Maybe it was you? Maybe I didn't give too much, you gave too little. Maybe I thought if I gave more it would make up for what you’re not.  Maybe you’re closed off, and can’t accept this kind of affection,  because you’re still healing from a past love.  I won’t do that.

So maybe it was me.  Maybe it was you.  Maybe it was just a cactus that got a little too much water