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Day 4, 5, 6 - Uyuni / Salar De Tunupa

Taking a bus in SA is the most cheapest ride. Not only it saves you from a night of accommodation, it travels from one place to another ~ But of cos not all bus journey are pleasant. But at least the ones that  i took are still all right.
What is the most 'disappointing' thing that you dont wannt hear from after booking a tour from this tour company. Its when you are at the bus station waiting for the overnight bus journey to another destination and the person in charge came up to you and tell you 'Sorry, something happened during the tour today hence we need to stop the tour for a day' and then you will need to find another tour company when you reach your destination.

Finally, after a wobbly journey ride, we reach the town of Uyuni  that seats on the edge of salt desert at an altitude of 3670m above sea level. Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt lake / flat ~ The most stunning place which is so captivating in Bolivia / SA ~
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Day 3 - La Paz in Bolivia

Took a flight from BA and straight into Bolivia ~ Well as a noob in SA, i didnt expect the flight to delayed so long for 3hrs! So we arrive midnight into our hostel ~
Based on the fact that Bolivia is one of the continent that epitomizes  the authentic South America than any others continent.  It is also one of the poorest and under-developed countries in the region but most importantly, SA has all the beauty ingredients that defines it as a whole.
La Paz, Bolivia's capital sitting at a breathless altitude of 3360m  (12000 feet) above sea level is the highest capital city in the world! Nicknamed the 'city that touches the cloud'. 
The must-see places here are the famous Witches Market, Plaza Murillo, Mirador Killi Killi and Plaza San Francisco can be well explore on by foot.
La Paz is a great city filled with old cobbled streets,  winding alleyways  and colourful knitted item.  As the local advice 'camina lentito, come poquito...y duerme solito', (walk sl…