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As we enter and end February, it's a good time to remember that this year 2016 is a leap year. For most people, this may just be an interesting oddity, an extra day to work or play. For some people, it may be their once in 4 years birthday ~
For me, its my first night since my ....
Happy First Night ~
Happy Leap Year ~
Enjoy this leap day ~

潑辣的那個,負責替我們教訓那些起伏我們的人, 我們只需要站在旁邊看熱鬧就可以了。
Friendship is making plans together ~ while yes you may be good in planning trips ~ you did everything yourself, i appreciated ~
Friendship is knowing you have got my back ~
i didnt want to be another matchmaker ~
i didnt ask you to get close to ~ yet when everything happen, i wasnt the first to know and being the last to know ~
Friendship is telling you every little detail ~ yet i was not told about the colour of your new buy down ~ and i was just told not to get that colour ~
Friendship is playing like kids ~ yes we do act like kids occasionally ~ and i do treasure the times we act like one ~
Friendship is wearing the same outfit together ~ but no, you will always never tell me what you will bring for the trip when i being the stupid one always blurt out everything i bring to you ~
Friendship is pretending to be models ~ from the heart, i know we both have never ever help each other taken nice pic at all ~
Friendship is a crazy ride ~ we had it all on the new year day ~ im not blaming you wrong but driv…