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i'm really panicking~

and gUess what~
i even had a drEam on driving~
eh but i forgOt what is it abOut liao~
even taking exam i'm not tat panicking!

yeah~i am!!!


bE rEady tO gEt belng fOol by mE tml haa~
no wonder its gOod or bAd!!!
CountdOwn to 3 more days to TP tEst~

i'm bOred~
nOthing tO bLog this few days~
tOday last day seEing my 96 instrutor~
haa~hopefUlly is last cOs i wanna pass mah~

i'm amazed by this thing~

find anything unusal

lala~its my name

although the pages inside are empty~
bUt at least i've a bOok pUblished with my naMe HAA~
gUess mOst of U graduates might have received tOo!
anD i can wrltE my oWn stOry oUt hee~
nice gd imagination hor hee~
sometimes really~
u cannot sklp driving for too lOng~
ah bO everything will bE gOne~
anD yesh its sU*ks~
whEn u know ur TP test is cOming nearer in another 5 days time!!!
last paper last eXam of final sems~
last sEating at the sch spOrts hall~
last of all of cOs~
bUt i dUn cOunt mysElf as a gradUate till i received the cEr~

bUt of cos i still have 1 mOre paper tO go in another month timE!!!
my rEpeat mOdule!!!

sometimes it doesn't mean a bad thing tO stay over another month~

its allright if my prcP is pUsh back~
cOs i'm not mentally prepareD~
1 mOre month fOr mE tO baCk uP everything!!!

its allright if i dUn get tO enjoy the same holiday as my friends~
anD i find it leSs wOrrying as i dun neEd tO save uP sO urgently,
just for the oversEas trlp with my pOly friends which is making mE panicking always whEnever its mEntion~

of cOs will fEel sad nOt being ablE tO go on an hOliday wlth thEm as oUt 'bl yE lU xin'

~what tO do,likE that lor~

tat's all fOr today~
oh tml SuperBand anyonE wanna jOin uS gO & sEe hee~
sO is it a gOod thing tO have 'eye infection' or 'conjunctivites'?

bUt i've gOt either 1 of thEm today~
cOs its on my Exam day~

its EYE INFECTION on my Left lOwer eyEliD~
perhaps dUe to my lEns~
early mOrning thOugh of waklng uP tO study in thE end spEnd the whOle morning seEing a dOc~
an antiblotlc is all i gEt!!!

hOpe its gEt better by frlday~
claO tO nap liao!!!
tOday is sO exciting~
sO happy~

my efforts didn't pay ofF~
cOs i promlSe my instrutor,my friends etc tO wait fOr my gOod news jUst nOw~
yEah~i pass my FTT~
it mighT bE an easy casE tO others~
bUt to mE is after sO many tlmEs~

rEally must thankz & bE grEatfUl tO:

my 'Car 96 instrutor' fOr lending me his bOok & giving mE supPort always~
tell mE whiCh instrutOr will bE sO gd till lEnd U his bOok tO study~
telling u this & that~
*bUt dUn be mistakEn he's gOod tO all gUys & gals*
& nO worries i'll sms u the gOod news on April fOol hee~

nOt forgetting this GOH liQi hor~
last min then makE me panic by asking me a qUe which i dUnno~
in the end also nv cOme out~

anD of cOs Shuli hee~
whO always wait fOr mE whEn i take my ttt~

last bUt not least is i managEd to bOok MY TP TEST ON APRIL FOOLS~
*wondering y sO fast right,cOs got lObang mah hee*
better tO be fast than rather wait & wait~
makE me sO kan jiOng man~

[[[[[[ PlctUre fOr thE daY ]]]]]]
i gUess gOd mUst havE been v.gOod tO me liaO~
its just that i'm tOo slOw in rEacting & acCepting it~
PRCP attachment timetablE is oUt~
bUt another bad news camE~

my attachment haS tO be pOstpOne~
i cant gO on attachment date same as my friends~
jUst becOs of my fail modules in ses 1~

i cant finish everything by may~
i'm not even sUre i can gradute smoothly in jUne a not~

its the last weEk for everyOne~
fOr everyoNe bUt nOt mE~
i still havE tO go back sch even dUring stUdy weEk for my repeat modUle lec~

nO more goOd friends arOund mE~
i'm sUrround with all thoSe other grPs strangers~
all nOt known tO me at all~
thEy have their friends,whO cares abOut U!

i'vE tO learn bEing independent again~
liKE i'm back tO yr 1!
dUn even knOw i'm dOing with whO~

i'm back tO this lOnely path again~
sO f*** uP!!!

wEnt kbOx tO sing my heart oUt~
nO sld bE lUff my heart oUt~
nOt thinking abOut anything~
bUt times gOlng back hOme~
rEminds mE again~

i'm always wOrking haRd than others bUt no effOrt is paid off!!!
i'm brEathing haRd nOw~
i'm trying …
Sat @ Billy Bombers

its beEn thE 3rd yEar wE all MF gather tO celebrate eacH other bdaY!!!

MelyUn Jie Bday


Opening thE bday prEsent~

a sUrprlSe fOr hEr lifE hee~

tOo shOcked to say anything~

whO camE uP with thlS idEa

p/s: wanNa know whAt we get foR HER~
oh,its thE fOlded uP 'hEart shapEd' 10 bUcks nOtes fOr her with all thE small little wishes foR her~

a pUb @ Selegle,thE gals w/o gUys

anD u know what~i jUst rEalise~
mY hanD is sOoo smAll than a nOrmal hanD haa~
my family 'yi chUan' small hAnds + small lEgs~

Zoo yEsh its Zoo nOt ZoUk hor~
had a lOt of fUn after sOo lOng ard 10 years+ nv beEn tO zOo liao haa~
tired,hOt,tirSy bUt tat dOesn't brlng oUr mOod dOwn haa!
lOts of happEning things happEned haa~
tUne in fOr the plc belOw!!!

Here wE rEach thilAnd haa~

Wanna See hOw a baby elephaNt was boRn :

nExt dEstination AustraliA~

Show tlmE:

this stUpid blaCk chimpanzeE thrOw a small woOden stick @ uS man!

wOw nOt bad within 8 hrs,wE managEd tO travel tO many cOuntires tO visit all thE animals haa~wOrth it huh gals hee!!!