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after going one big round~ im glad we are back as friends~ im glad i've met you today!
to reward myself for the past weeks~ i whipped up a super-delicious meal...
all veggies and no meat~
to promote 'Be Veg,Go Green. Save our planet' for the day!  too bad mr chua did not get to taste it =p

~cOOk~ delicious =p

p/s: its really not easy to cook a meal and washing up everything~
i took almost 3.5hrs to do prepare and cook~
just realise that we've known each other for 1 year++ cheer's tO our friendshlP~ coming uP next......

our one year together!!!
suspecting i may have hyperthyroidism~ immediately i went to do a blood test~
because of all the symptoms : most important is my unexplained weight loss, fatigue,muscle weakness, irritated, shaky etc etc....
result turns out well~ but still i can feel that my body isnt feeling that great recently!
now most importantly is my weight! millions and billions of people have been asking me recently 'Peili, WHY ARE YOU SO SKINNYYYYY' you look like an 'african kid'~ -_-''
im so skinny till my hand looks like a bamboo stick im so skinny till my butt has flattened! im so skinny till my 'assets' is totally like 'changi airport' *damn* im so skinny till i always look tired and 'eyes like panda'! im so skinny till even i've problem carry heavy things!
to be frank,i've totally no idea why! i didnt purposely lose weight~ its true im under a bit of stress but i guess that's all over! now i've been taking my meals regularly~ i've been taking steak,pork,la…
please pray for me... the result will come out fine!
felt peaceful these 2 days! 'if only there were a time machine,but could time really change everything'? in every action we do,it affects the future. and this shows how stupid and naive im in the past.
no doubt there's bound to be ups and downs in our everyday lives... but it just depends on how you handle it...
been thinking of this carefully~ very carefully~ not letting any physical or mentally effort to interrupt!
around the global world~ this kind of person, how many can you get to meet?
someone who is so proud,arrogant,scarstic~ spoilt brat,sly, despicable civilized yet uncivilized in another way~ pretend to be good when you are actually not~ causes others quarrel when at the back,pretending to be nice! even others can exclaim 'scary'
i met one! i've been tolerating well enough!
im tired!!!
eyes are sore! very sore! how long have i cried? no idea!!!
You are my sunshine, My only sunshine, You make me happy when skies are grey, You'll never know dear, How much I love you, Please don't take my sunshine away
Happy 10th, Mr Chua =)
Post Holiday Syndrome
joy - hk hk hk
loves - bf bf bf
lazy - work work work!
but i had a great time with BF~ pratically we walk everywhere~ up and down every station exploring! saves us a lot on transport! tiring but fUn! We took escalator up to mid-level peak, walk down again to take tram uP! took a bus down the peak instead of tram again!
Went Macau on 2nd day, 'walk' our way to Ruins of St Paul~ follow by Grant Lisboa and Venetian! We even bought red wine to enjoy as it was cheap! But you wouldn't want to know the consequences because i puke muhaha!
Had Portuguese egg tarts and delicious sandwich before heading back HK! Avenue of Stars follow by meeting uP Gracey & Mr So driving us in his mini~

2nd last day was spend shopping,not much damage except for Mr Chua! and we headed to HK Science Center *becos free admission* it was so nice & fun!
Last day was Ocean Park with sec besties =)
fun, exciting, trilling yeah!!!

back to reality of the world!
Dear Mr Chua

On the 203th day, YH & Yvon birthday @ club~
thanks for taking care of me when you know im tipsy!

On the 204th day, time for a car wash~
tiring but fun when its with you!

On the 205th day, beside the groom~
Mr Chua is the most good looking guy =p
and to me,the piece of song you play is still the best melody of all =)

On the 207th day, upon hearing my grumbling~
you pop over & surprise me for a lunch date =)

On the 211th day, once again i went for my yearly marathon~
you never fail to pick me up after knowing that my leg will ache like hell =p

On the 213th day, my eyes was sore like a goldfish~
because of all the reprimand from you~

On the 217th day, watch Paranormal Activity together~
fear fear fear, i still remember everything from the show up till now!

On the 222th day, its an honoured ~
to see 4 ex-SJI guys singing loudly together =)

On the 229th day, our first xmas~
first time attending xmas in church with you!

On the 232th day, it is the day~
when our addicti…