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2013, I have learnt how precious friends are,  those that has gone thru the good & bad times in school with me...  im thankful to each and everyone of u ~  those that has laughed with me, cried with me, hold onto me,  support me and not forgetting those that has left me... 
2013, i have learnt that not all people can be trusted nor believe,  misunderstood & unappreciated because everything happen for a reason,  you just need to deal with it ~ 
2013, i have learnt that some scar heal, or should i say,  numb because you dont bother about it anymore.... 
2013, i cant be more thankful for knowing you,   the best type of happiness that comes from within... 
2013, i have step my foot out and travel again,  be it near or far, that has always been my goal isnt it ~
Thank You 2013 for everything!
2014   i look forward to striking off some of my bucket list ~  i look forward to my little promotion after being in this line for so long ~  i look forward to a better tomorrow with my love ~