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as usual~
chicken rice for supper~
follow by~
cake smashing time~

can i have an op~
and remove all my lacrimal apparatus~
cos i keep tearing non-stop!

933 is playing my fav song now ~
both korean & chinese version~

fUll hOuse 'I Think I'

一天过一天 从不确定变成了答案
就像这样 停留在只有你去的方向
每当你出现我身旁 就感觉爱情的重量
我越在意越难衡量 就越放不下 越不去想就越是他

*I Think I Love You 爱就是这样
 Cause I Miss You 喜欢你善良
 陪你去逛逛 会偶尔吵架 吵累了说贴心的话
 I’m Falling For You 爱就是这样
 Now I Need You 想等你放假
 要一起分享 今晚的星光 当你说要守护幸福 不打烊

我们越看就越像 不说也能了解对方
画同一张图画 想同一个梦想 幸福是一座大灯塔
少了你世界就找不了 你一定会再给我力量
其实爱我并不复杂 真心的对话 就能够往幸福出发

Repeat *

爱时常让两个人受伤 爱也总让两个人更坚强
我们不会知道 以后的日子会有多长
在我的世界 都会有你守护肩膀
i cut my hair short~
i've no idea why~
just wanna cut it short~
and its damn short now~
hp send for repair~
still able to reach me~
but how i wish i could throw my hp into the sea~
did some stretching~
muscles pain now~
feel totally breathless~
nag nag nag is all i get~
if i dun get a job asap~
i'll be strangled~
i'm not being emo~
i'm just quiet~
cos there's nth for me to say~
happily went to find u,in the end!
elaine told me: " dun look back"
i will not cos its hurt!
browsing thr my song list~
Fish Leong 'Si Lu' playing in progress~
the song was touching~
tat my tear drop~
celebrating Kelvin & Jolene bday later~
sabo time's uP =)
enjoy myself i will!
well,it seems like i've not been updated with all the good news while in chalet~

^dOuble happiness^

my dearest jie is finally attached ylpEeEEE~


just saw anne's blog~
her bf proposed tO her in HK~
wheeEee happy for her =)



HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY JUNRONG pls: 8hrs more to go =)
i heard a voice sOunds familar~


oh haa~
my brO is back wahaaa~
i promise dear tO be a HAPPY GAl~
and here i am =) *smile*

pla : "seriously, he doesnt ever read ur blog,and doesnt blog about you"
mE: "ya"

pla : "he actually now then found ur blog"
mE: "u think its me he's toking abt"

pla: "i believe he is a sentimental person,maybe u tot he know"
me: "oh really,i didn't know"

pla: "but the reference is too coincidental,he found a blog,the person got attached etc.its you lah,why u deny"
mE: "but its really not me,how do i deny.i wldn't be tat thick-skin as to say the person is me unless he tell me himself and well i guess tat's impossible'
brO went intO Police academy today~
1 person less tO nag~
and 3 cheErs
foR hOme Peace~

hohoh sheeSh i'm sO bad!!!
setting off fOr sentOsa lor!

flSh therapy


dOlphin lagoOn my fav~


lastly underwatEr wOrld =)
8 crAzy ppl wEnt tO the zOo~
anD gO crazY with the animalS~
with the bAd weather~
thEy rUn & sIng in the raIn!

8 fOotprints setting off at amk interchange~

rUnning > singing in the rain lalala~

and there thEy are @ Singapore Zoo~

grOup pic takEn~

swEet mOments > sEnding oFf time > gOtchA

A mlnl gathering @ Chong Qing Steamboat

p/s:will be baCk with the zOo & sEntosa pics tata!
today is april fool~
but i'm serious now~

i'm not working anymore~
i'm sori guys!
i'll miss u guys!