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i'm so overwhelmed~ add in a lot of sighs of relief~ mix with happiness~ pour out all my burdens!
there are so many things i want to do and say but not sure where to start from. shall start with the 'thank-ing' session~
i want to thank my both sweet colleagues~ Ms Leong & Ms Wong~ who have been helping me a lot~ we have laughters, sadness, angry with each other, quarrells.... but neverless, thanks gals! *i know you both will be seeing this =)* next, thank you to the one who bring me into psc~ thank you for teaching me~ thank you for all the nonsense you have given me~ and lastly ~ thank you for blocking the clinic always giving us more free time for pet society~
last but not least, thanks to those who have helped me before in mt.eli, sslc & level 19... =)
its just something i did purely out of love~ i have never though that much~ awaiting for you during that few hours is all worthwhile~ this time the tear doesnt come from me but you~ im glad just to see your smile~ its a sweet month indeed.
Happy 27th Birthday dear Irvin~
enjoy this special day (especially with me) =p
this is a Counting down mOnth!
3 more days to your 27th~ 8 more days to my last day~ 26 more days to my ........ =)
looking forward to 22nd May~ i hope you too~
in this minute, im jumping over the moOn~ im so delighted! in the other minute, my heart dropped onto the ground~ when daddy said those things!
090510 Especially for U and Me
In the first month~ I know im in love when i cant fall asleep because reality is finally better than my dreams!
Into the 2nd month~ i know i smile a lot because of U!
Going into the 3rd month~ i realise that i've meet a few wrong ones before you finally appeared in my dreams!
Fourth month~ a pair of hands, to guide me through the journeys!
Stepping into the 5th month~ I LOVE US!!!
 Finally into the 6th month~ i love you more than anything!
7th month~ i never regret anything because at one time, you are exactly what i wanted!
8th mOnth~ Heartache!
9th mOnth~ Smiles =)
Our 10th mOnth~ im so glad i've you!
  11th month~ i still remember clearly all our past dates & nicknames~ can you?
Finally on this month,this day~ mark our 1 year annivesary~ you know i always been holding on tightly because this relationship means a lot a lot to me. i really hope this goes on for another 12months, 12 years...... thank you for staying on with me be it the happy or sad times~ thank you and y…
headache~ lots of things to do~ can i be granted 48hrs a day instead~ im tired!!!
countdowning down now to less than 1 month~ a big burden has finally been unloaded~ im looking forward to my next new job =)