this 3 gals here is the best buddies dUring sEc sch days~
and now,the middle one will be ROM in nOv~
while the one on the left will be ROM next Jan'08~
lastly,the right one is still living her happily single lifestyle~
working hard,earning more cash to travell the world =p
*and Sherine,we'll have each other to acc liao*

hereby,i send my advance warmest blessing tO both of u,
Kaijing & Liyan

hoo,i must be the last one tO know where dempsy is~
haa,finally make my way uP ytd~
a super nice place just for chilling out in pUbs & not clUb~
was at this pUb call 'House' *thumbs Up*

ever seen a 1 meter lOng sausage~

last but not least,i got my BABY BLUE CROCS~
all thankz tO CM who got it from ttsh for me,with 20% =)

and they are my fav cOlledges who helped me a lOt =)


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