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i dont mind having one friend less ~ its allright, its okie, no big beal ~ this shows you are the childish one ~ not me ~ pls do grow up, ms c !!! thank you ~
height is my fear ~ so skydive is my fear too ~ but skydive is one in a lifetime ~ you dont get to do it often like the jump master ~ so i must not fear ~ and i will permit it to pass over and through me ~ and finally when everything is over ~ i know ~ my achievement doesnt come sweeter than that ~
we walk on land ~
we trek a galcier ~ we go underwater ~ we cruise the sea ~ we fly the sky ~
 we even 'bang' other vehicle ~ its a trlp you will never get ~ im missing u right now,nz ~
omg im screaming!!!  skydiving tml!!!  hell lots of fears!