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gOt myself a so-called medical stOry-boOk today~ freaking ex but still lOvlng it~ sometimes i wonder dOes someone really need tO pay sO much and just under-go a plastic surgery~ is it wOrth it~ have anyone though of the complications under GA for so damn freaking long~ today have a case of plastic surgery being bOoked - 19hrs imagine while im sitting so comfortably at home typing this out~ the op is still going in process till somewhere 4am later~ is that the wonder of being beautiful behind it while scrificing~ humans are just another .............
cOming up is the happily bride tO be~ gorgeous isn't she~

we just lOve cam-wOre~
Belle's 1st Month~ isn't she cUte~

Long time sEc sch friend~ still the same Liyan~

sUpper with fav 4skn-ers~ fOllow by midnight mOvie~ its been a long time since last xmas =)
where shall we go next~
taiwan,hOngkOng,japan or kOrean~
any one interested???
feel so loved tOday~
although its just a simple and sweet gesture~
Saw the Singapore Flyer~
nice =)

after searching uP & dOwn~ i've finally fOund the identical necklance i've lOnged fOr~
but does it matter now when some things are broken~
i miss bkk~
especially their food~
oh damn,
my colledges says ive grow fat~
especially my face~
oh shit,im gotten shed away those ugly baby fats~

and im really lousy in IT~
i guess elaine & cm will know why~
sori to trouble u lah cm~
lucky i nv study IT~
if not its going to be a diasters~

and i burn a big hole~
wait till grace is back~
i miss u grace~ plannlng next trlp......
taiwan or japan or korean????
im back freaking tired but still gotten unpack bought lots of things but still not much haa

our hotel 'Chaophraya Park hotel'

our 1st meal,hUngry

jas dOlng her extenslOn

while waiting,i went tO do pedicure

their fOod & drinks there are simply nice

Khao San,i look @ ang mo there more than the things lol,cos the ang mo there are all sOooo cute~ i swear,i guess jas agrees too~
we make the grand entrance by sitting tutu back to hotel =p

oh,this i-berry cafe is simply must go~ contact me for the address =p
i will bE away from 3rd-7th ~
dun miss me tOo much~