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its beEn almOst tO 1 mOnth i've wOrk~
oH gOsh~
tlmE flies past~

anD sO its tlmE fOr sOme retail therapy~
anD gOtten repay all my dEbts *sObsOb*

anD sO again~

happy sOngs brighten uP the day~
although im feeling sOoooooo dread & tired!!!
i cried in OT today~
no idea why~
just feel totally helpless~

anasthetic machine,drawer cant open~
how am i suppose to take the cylinder opener & check the cylinder~
everything was just so....
i was like......
im allright liao~
thankz guys *mUack*

it's a sweet enDlng of 'SwltCh'~
bOth sisters fOund their trUe lOve~
and indeEd~
uGly dUcklings dO get tO find thelr trUe lOve~

nO one ln this wOrlD ls perfEct~

lf u'vE got an Ugly faCe,
gOd will grant U with a bEautifUl heart~

lf u are fat,
gOd will grant U with an intelligEnt bRaln~

lf u're stUplD / lOw IQ,
gOd will gRant U with a bEautifUl vOlcE~

lf u'rE pOor,
gOd will grAnt U with a bEautlfUl pErsOnality

sO what's the real meanlng of searchlng for,

a perfEct facE,
a perfEct bOdy,
a perfEct braln,
a perfect vOlce
an imperfect personality~

Isn't BEAUTY *all in onE* ls ln the eyes of a bEhOlder~
no matter hOw Ugly U are,
nO matter hOw fat U are,
nO matter hOw stUpid U are~

p/s: shlt im tOklng rOt haaa~
im suffocating for.....
i've no idea~

how i wish i got a car & drive myself out & catch a breeze~
i just need some breeze~
to destress myself~
yet i've no idea what am i stressing about~
so contradicting~

in work~
im still coping v.well~
once in a while,im assisting all alone by myself~

but i feel so isolated~
be it tea time,lunch,dinner time~
i feel so left out and isolated~

no doubt im going international *roll eyes*~
making friends from Philipiness,Malaysia,Parkistan,China,India etc~
but its just all on work time~
it may seem tat im joining them on the same table~
but still.....

after wOrk~
music is my anti-drug~
shuff my earpiece on~
and walk the lonely way home~
on the lonely bus journey~
please god,
let me endure all this for 1 more week!
< 大男人·小女孩 >

不是我的错 我们都听过
完美的时候 要更多
少了点风度 还是不承认

as mention before~
i went for a shoot for Capoeira class intro by PJ~
and its out now on Seventeen mag with Belinda as cover page~
wahaaa,kind of looking werid haa~

im someone whO can tahan 'hot' but not 'cold'~ tat's y my rOom has nO air-cOn~ cos i hate it ~ *allright,im a werid person*

and imagine now almost everyday,im working in a cOld environmEnt~ 17 - 20 degress~ im freezing like hEll~
2 weeks passed~ and im still not getting used to it~ precisely~ a pic of me in scrub sUlt =p

this SN looks familiar~
saw him in the OT~
it was strange~
cos how could he be doing here~

ard 2 yrs ago~
when i was attached to Alexandra A&E~
this SN which i follow a few days~
was so nice to me~
so i was kinda attract to him~

today i saw him walking into the theatre i was in~
immediately i recognise him~
but he seems like dun recognise me cos i was masked~

im dumbfounded tat he really become ventor~
as i heard that he wanted to go overseas to work~
and which i know that last year he's still in Alexandra A&aE when im having my PRCP~
im having


bad cramps~
damn discomfort~
busy like bee~
every hr,having a surgery~
walking up & down despite of the pain~
no time for a gurp of breath~
bad lunch time~
almost feel like crying~
drop my ez-link card~
pissed off~
walking under a bloody hot sun~


p/s:its after 2months has passed and TTSH called me for interview *roll eyes*

today is the day~
to be remember for~
and definitly the most number of newborns 'popping' out~

a total of 11 cesarean~
double or thriple than normal days~

and i managed tO view 3 of it~
whEee, 2 boys 1 gal~
but it looks all the same to me except for the erhmm 'below part'~
i just keep viewing the whole process that i forgot to do all my charting~
sO joyfUl~ and i love working on saturday~
cos less surgeries~
can slack more haaa~
who wld want to do an op on a wkend~

tired,my feets are tired~
imagine walking whole day in a clog shoe~
which is high & not flat~
buy me a wheelchair~

finally 6 days past!!!
im not going for the graduation liao~
im just tired~
very very very tired~
i heard baby's cries~

but i missed the cesarean part~
which i've nv ever watch before~
cos i was in another OT watching another op arggg~

so far so gd~
although i'm still a bit slow~
bo bian,a lot of things tO learn & be assessed on~

proportion of sporean nurses : other countries nurses~
is 2 : 8,can u imagine~
and overall of sporean,i guess im the youngest ba~

saw a few minor & major ops~
it was an eye-opening wao~

but a bit disappointing is~
why aren't there any yandao surgeons or anaesthetis~
at least i'll work hard for them wahaaa~
dear gotten kill me~

but i missed the robotic op today~
as known,Mt.Eli is the 1st hospital to have a da vinci robot~
which can help surgeons in op~
woOo,chlO hor haa~

very tired after a day~
can i have some massage~