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i've never once exclaimed 'it's over' with a smile before~
perhaps it was becaused i used them for a negative reason~
which is obvious,i dont need to mention.

there's always a brighter side in life~
all i've got to do is to just be positive everyday~
and smile =)
learn to treasure yourself~ your loves one~ the surrounding people!!! you will feel life is good =)
i guess i've fallen in love with you again =)
its nice & sad!

last week was bad at work~
though it could get better today~
but neverless it turns out worst~

im someone who seldom throw temper~
unless it reaches the top of my head making me flare up.

today seems like an unpleasant day with a string of unfortunate events happend through out
when the thinking stop, the tears came~

and i guess ive mention a million times i hate my lacrimal glands~
i could never ever stop crying & sort things out...

i always tell myself ‘be strong peili,don’t cried’
but the useless tears still flow out in the end!

realised who i really am,
realised what i’ve actually done
realised why do i do this,
realised how can i be better in handling things without crying next time.
Elva's Diamond Candy Album~ omg,damn chlO & nice! which gals dOnt like diamOnds hur hur!!!
Happy Quarter Century Old Friend =)

You still lOok as yOung as yOu are =)

Happy 5th Month dear~
decided to dinner @ this Humble House restaurant which Chef Sam Leong was the chef for the restaurant~ we knew it was costly but didnt know it was sOoo costly~ dear's heart almost drop *ops* as it cost him a bomb =p
thumbs uP for the food,ambience!

p/s: dear,hope u like the little surprise =)
oh well i was being tagged by Mrs Kaijing on '20 FACTS which you might not know about me'
*well,it tOok me 2 days to get this done,haa*

1) i can sleep a lot on weekend due to the lack of slp on weekday.
2) i always have low blood sugar *which explains y i've fainting spells*
3) i get jealous easily *lalala*
4) same as kj, i've low self esteem
5) im not a confident person.
6) i cant lie at all
7) i love to make funny faces =p
8) i hate it when i've a tummy ache.
9) i like cardiac surgery *its just amazing to see a heart beat right infront of you*
10) i cried easily no matter what happen
11) i hate interviews
12) i keep troubles to myself
13) im shy in front of strangers or big crowds
14) i seldom show my anger out *unless,im really very angry*
15) i think a lot that's y my brain cells die a lot =p
16) im not a academic person but a practical person haa~
17) i do facial every weekend =p
18) my eng s***
19) i love to hand make stuffs for friends & loves one
20) im …
2 nice songs by Prime Circle
enjOy =)

another week of fUn has passed~
Pre-mOOncake lantern festival