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-- Part 2 --

Dear Mr Chua

On the 104th day, our crab dinner,you know i hate to use hand~
crab by crab,you peel/pluck the meat for me!

On the 105th day, tagging along to ECP for your bowling competition~
no worries,im not bored,just want to see you in action =p

On the 112nd day, this is the first time we club after being together~
nice feeling,its happy always meeting your friends =)

On the 116th day, yipeee,we are gOing on board the cruise~
our 2nd trip together, *tears* because i really love the surprise *hugs*

On the 117th day, i love snorkling with you in the deep blue sea,holdings our hands~
sorry,i got you sick after the snorkling!

On the 123rd day, staying over your house~
i learn the basic of playing plano *i guess ive forgotten now opss*

On the 129th day, just a simple text from you~
to heard my fav song on the radio makes my night sweeter =)

On the 138th day when you finally agree to dinner @ my house~
and my parents like you a lot =)

On the 139th day, heart pounding badly becos~
im going to me…
im back from taiwan~
freaking cOld in taiwan....
its like 16 degrees lah....

but then~

Singapore is still the best =)

B . U . T

finally another get-away from Singapore~
its a mixed feelings~
perhaps when im back~
i will have a better mind of knowing what i really want!

bye Singapore!!!
Ahlo Taiwan~~~

p/s: i'll miss you mr chua! *hugs*
nurses or doctors always tell patient must take medications reguarly~
as it heals your sickness to become better~
but when a nurse become a patient itself~ its another way rOund~
conclusion~ i am a difficult patient tO be~
Our first hallOween '09