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Time ~

Time is perhaps life's greatest teacher ~ Here we are passing through another year with our eyes blindfolded ~
Being thankful for growing older. Because not everyones gets this opportunity ~ Aging with a good health and grace is a rare and beautiful gift ~

Being thankful for everything i have done or who i met in 2017.

i have learn that sometimes the people i'm close to or want most are the one we are best without ~
i have learn to walk away from the relationships that aren't what i want them to be and  understand that they never will be no matter how hard we both try ~
i have learn that i didn't deserve the pain i endured tho i'm partly responsible for it ~
i have learn that if someone wants to be with me, they will make it happen ~
i must learn to stop dwelling in the past because it kills me ~
i have learn that sometimes it's better to just go home alone ~
i have learn that when red flags are waving, i should't ignore and trust myself a little more ~
i have learn not…
Have you ever ask yourself ~
If you could have anything in the world. What would you ask for?