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Dear Lungs,
Please be good ~ Im just due in 1 more month ~
xoxo li ~
during work, i was asking my junior whats the date today ~ 9 may ~ a gust of memories flow back suddenly thinking whats this date stand for which seems familiar ~ i couldnt recall it till i key in the password for my stuff and i realise ~ So i see it has been the 7th year~ 
She's seen me at my worst and me at my best, She scolded me for things i shouldnt have done, and praise me for things i could have been better. She cautioned me when i fell in love, and held me when i had your heart broken.
She put up with so much of our craziness, yet never stop loving us. No one will ever love me like she does, and i'll never love anyone like i love her. My guiding lights and inspirations, the only person in this world who knows us better than we know ourselves ~
Thank you Mum, for being the greatest mum of all!