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its near tO end of year~
sO is it 'OPERATION' having sales too~
damn freaking hEll bUsy like shit~
every mOment,sEc,min,hour~

im working far too hard~
anyone plz date me out~
anyone plz ask me tO stop working and have sOme fun~

sometimes work get sO fed-up that makes me think negatively~
and recently i've been having negative thoughts~
not becos of the heavy wOrkload but becos of the ppl there~
been offered a place too somewhere,somehow,perhapz~

nO time tO even shOp for christmas gift~
bUt no worries guys,this year im making christmas gift~
tO make up for my previous 2 years haa~

wlsh me lUck ln my BCLS tmr!
i guess its still not too late~

to have a min of silent for the 5 DB guys~

rest in peace!
ryan's harddrive crash~
sO dO mine~
and i cant be bothered by it~
cos i know im gettlng a new either laptOp or deSktop soOn~
any recommendations Lap or DeSk???
or cOuld it be either one of my christmas gift lolz~

i've never ever like EXAM or TEST~
and i've been exempted from either of it for likE soon to be a year haa~
now i've tO re-sit my BCLS *so call CPR* next week~
all the theories,pratical,slan~
by the time i retrived the patient~
im the one who need CPR damnit~

hUman beings are the most selfish creature~
be it who u are,where u camE frOm or whatever~
just duno what the fuck are sOme of U acting damn childish~
makes me feel sOri for the hospital that emploY U~
and its tlmE tO see the trUth of a wOrklng life~
im just proteCting myself afterall!!!
entering a warming christmas season~
let us all share the meaning of '1000 reAson You're My Friend'

my earliest christmas glft from my pOly click,Shuli thank dEar~
sO lets start from my pOly 0309 Nursing grOup~

we've shared many smiles,many tears but nothing bEats the laughter ard us =)
my 3 years life in pOly wld not be sO interesting w/o them~
thankz Shuli,Sharon,Grace & Zaf =)
my fav online retail website =)
there it is on the bottom left ' Kyruii '

lOve wOrking on a sUnday~
feel like im not working at all~
cos u can dO whatever U want muhaaa~
*nO,dun think wrongly,sheess its not grey anatonmy,muhaa*
1stly wannaCongrates Weilie~ next time we'll have a superstar friend liao haa~ its allright tO be the 2nd~ anyway ur future path will be bright =)
3rd : ytd was super paCked~ we'll almOst crushed when we gOt into zOuk~ but anyway it was fUn =)

4th: Work~ when u've proven urself that u can work independently~ its time to to be on standby call,work overtime~ work on sunday occasionally,different timing to work!
and most imptly
its time tO think ahead~
its been so contradicting~ NM was like going to offer an opportunity for the youngs 1 to further study in AU~ i might be one of them cos im the youngest ya~
another 1 is,most of my colledges ask me to go into Scrub side~ even my so-call 'grandpa anaesthetis Dr Jong' also say so~ just becos im a SN,so it sld be a fact that it gd for me to take on scrub~ as every where ,anywhere be it oversea in OT,Scrub nurse is needed!!! halz so contradicting!!!
H.A.P.P.Y 2.1.s.t B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y C.H.I.O B.U - G.R.A.C.E S.U
nth beats better than a cOsy hOme + bEd~ although Aranda chalet is warM too with all my clicks~
been rUnning uP & dOwn bwt Pasir ris & wOrk~ helping chlO bu out,hOping that she'll have a memorable 21st~ once in a lifetime mah,sO i guess its worth it although ya tired~ sO ya,i know U enjOy =)

remember the times when we'll 21st lol~

sO on sAt,we are baCk @ Dempsy rOad again haa~
this time is @ this pUb call 'Rain'

21st bday,smashing sld be dOne by the bRother~

we just happened tO be in GREEN AGAIN WAHAA~

maybe next wkend is bEn & jErry @ dEmpsy lol~