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her heart has stop beating
it's a painful month
collapse in exhaustion
i just took a knife and stab my heart

Cha Soo Kyung – Bad Wishes Lyrics 너무 널 사랑하나봐 널 보면 웃으려고 해도 눈물나 싫어 네 눈속에 비춰진 내 모습이 싫어 흐려질 너의 마음 같아 한땐 아프길 바랬지 때로는 네가 불행하길 빌었어 그저 너를 안을 이유가 필요했었나봐 아파야 날 찾는 너니까 또 다시 사랑은 욕심을 만들어 그 사랑 때문에 모든 걸 잃을 수도 있는데 널 사랑할수록 날 밀어낼수록 내 못된 바램이 너만을 바라보게해 한땐 아프길 바랬지 때로는 미치도록 울길 빌었어 지난 슬픈 사랑조차도 사랑이라 믿는 니 모습 견딜 수가 없어 또 다시 사랑은 아픔을 만들어 더 다가갈수록 모든 걸 잃을 것만 같은데 널 사랑할수록 날 밀어낼수록 너만을 원하는 내 못된 바램이 슬퍼 (지금 내가 하는 사랑을 이룰 수 없다 해도 가슴이 터질 듯 아파도) 보고 싶어 가지고 싶어 내 못된 바램이겠지만 널 사랑해서 미안해
Love you very much I try to smile but I’m crying Hate it, yes as the snow shines,I hate my reflection You clouded my mind/heart The painful memories fade Every now and then I wished for unhappiness I just need to guess your heart You hurt me, but its not you I want to create the love again Because of love,I’m willing to lose everything The more I love you, the more you push me away I’m bad to hope to have you all by myself The painful memories fade Sometimes I madly cry and wish I still believe in love even though t…
好累,但睡不了 眼淚又落下了
我可以接受你的不完美 我也可以为了你儿改變 因为我不想再逃避了 所以我还是决定離開
但我知道在这世界上 沒有一个人比我更爱你!
play a love song for me....
i'll love u for the rest of my days  and will love u beyond the world as we know it.
everyday she is forcing herself to smile...
just smile....
it isn't that hard...
in her uniform, she told herself not to cry...
this is a public place, no she cant cry....
and so when she finally reach home...
shut that door behind her, the tears burst out....
in that mini little corner.
the past few months had been tough and im in desperate for a breather. i cant believe i've met such a fugly terrible person. and im glad this person is totally out of my picture. it hasnt been a good early part of the year.
girls are more prone to depression... and i believe that every girl is depressed at one point of time. because i felt it myself.
girls show it more because we are more attuned to our feelings~ and we dont have the pressure to hold back and look macho. so we cry more, talk more, whine more and question more.  and hopefully the guys can understand.
praying that later part of the year turn for the better. hate to sound whiny so im trying to take that positivity from within.
looking forward to work~
its a new beginning =)
growing up is a process of discovery, and it often begins with the unlikeliest of things...
i had always thought in my mind that everything  would seem smaller as i grew bigger. things like my old chair,  and the old jigsaw puzzle which has been taken off the wall. they've all shrunk as i've grown, but growing up had blown the world into an  unmanageable size instead.
nine of june' 2010~ one year one month~ 396 days~ 9504 hours~ 570 340 minutes~ 34 214 400 seconds~ you know im still loving you! =)
不哭, 不代表很坚强 会哭, 不代表很脆弱
fucking angry~