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Time ~

Time is perhaps life's greatest teacher ~ Here we are passing through another year with our eyes blindfolded ~
Being thankful for growing older. Because not everyones gets this opportunity ~ Aging with a good health and grace is a rare and beautiful gift ~

Being thankful for everything i have done or who i met in 2017.

i have learn that sometimes the people i'm close to or want most are the one we are best without ~
i have learn to walk away from the relationships that aren't what i want them to be and  understand that they never will be no matter how hard we both try ~
i have learn that i didn't deserve the pain i endured tho i'm partly responsible for it ~
i have learn that if someone wants to be with me, they will make it happen ~
i must learn to stop dwelling in the past because it kills me ~
i have learn that sometimes it's better to just go home alone ~
i have learn that when red flags are waving, i should't ignore and trust myself a little more ~
i have learn not…
Have you ever ask yourself ~
If you could have anything in the world. What would you ask for?

作词:阿信 作曲:怪兽

然后呢 他们说你的心 似乎痊愈了 也开始有个人 为你守护着 我该心安或是 心痛呢

然后呢 其实我的日子 也还可以呢 除了回忆肆虐 的某些时刻 庆幸还有眼泪 冲淡苦涩

而那些昨日 依然缤纷著 它们都有我 细心收藏着 也许你还记得 也许你都忘了 也不是那麽 重要了

只期待 后来的你 能快乐 那就是 后来的我 最想的 后来的我们 依然走着 只是不再并肩了 朝各自的人生 追寻了

无论是 后来故事 怎么了 也要让 后来人生 精彩著 后来的我们 我期待着 泪水中能看到 你真的 自由了

亲爱的 回忆我们共同 走过的曲折 是那些带我们 来到了这一刻 让珍贵的人生 有失有得

用新的幸福 把遗憾包著 就这么朝着 未来前进了 有再多的不舍 也要狠心割舍 别回头看我 亲爱的

只期待 后来的你 能快乐 那就是 后来的我 最想的 后来的我们 依然走着 只是不再并肩了 朝各自的人生 追寻了

无论是 后来故事 怎么了 也要让 后来人生 精彩著 后来的我们 我期待着 泪水中能看到 你真的 幸福快乐

在某处 另一个你 留下了 在那里 另一个我 微笑着 另一个我们 还深爱着 代替我们永恒著 如果能这么想 就够了

无论是 后来故事 怎么了 也要让 后来人生 值得 后来的我们 我期待着
泪水中能看到 你真的 自由了
Thank you for sacrifing the small amount of time  that we do spend together feel worthwhile.  Thank you for giving me memories that will last a lifetime.
Often described as the "Little Paris of Middle Europe"! The capital of Hungary with a city view that took my breath away instantly. The local currency is Hungarian Florint hence you have to change to euros before changing to florint in Budapest itself. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and they will take you to the city full of wonders.

First stop, the bridge that separate Buda & Pest. Chain Bridge is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the number one and most used symbol of Budapest. At the time of its construction, the Chain Bridge was the suspension bridge with the second-largest span in the world. I was amazed by the history of the stone lion statue and read up on it that the sculptor had killed himself due to the rumours that the lion statue has no tongue.

Crossing over to the Buda side. Buda sits on rolling hills while pest expands into wide boulevards.
Walking uphill and i came to this famous landmark in the district known as Matthias Church, which is one …
várom, hogy találkozunk ~ obličje naprijed to mi je ~ veseli, da sem vas spoznal ~

人.都會改變... 只是變好或變壞...

What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Lived Through Trauma

A girl who has lived through trauma has lived through a situation where her body, her mind, her self was not her own. Where she felt disjointed, ripped from her self, safety, and sanity. It was a moment, an experience, a something where her trust was smashed, h er worth was gone and all there was was pain. A girl who has lived through trauma is the girl who was pushed into the deep end of the pool when she didn’t know how to swim, but somehow found her way to the ledge anyway. She walked through a forest fire and didn’t succumb to the smoke, but dealt with the burns and made it out in spite of the flames. She found herself in free fall but refused to break upon impact. She survived. She did.
But the thing about trauma, is that even when it is over it never really goes away. And sometimes trauma is loud. Sometimes it’s the monster banging at the windows and screaming gutturally and demonically inside of nightmares. It’s nails on a chalkboard and an earthquake that rattles everyone’s floors. I…