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Gua Damai

Every climber has its origin story and here's mine! How it got all started may be different for everyone  but i'm sure the reason we all keep climbing are similar. Rock Climbing never been on my bucket list ever since I start climbing in the gym. I got my SNCS level 1 in March, till now 4 months & I get to do rock climbing.

Climbing has not enriched me financially tho it do takes up a lot of my time because practically my weekends are spend in the climbing gym  when others are out shopping, cafĂ© hop (that's what I do previously). I put priority to climbing now accommodating to my climber friends more rather that having to plan for a drinks or dinner sometimes.  Eat can wait, Climb first!!!

It is like a dream come true for me to be able to climb a real rock formations! Because I have phobia for height hence I tend to worry but once I step onto the rock, I was swamps by the freedom of the rocks... It is no where like climbing in a gym where all the artificial boulder are fix on for yo…