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info wrong~
i'll be damn bUsy in nOv~
cos i owN ppl days tO worK~
nvm at least i got pay for this mOnth~

fourskin & skinnie in heEren is mOving~
tO a bigger premises~
at the back~
the whOle long stretch~
bUt i guess no more fOoling~
nO more chit chatting~
and more wOrk~

but enjOying the packing in progrEss =)
i'm dOne with my papers~
i'm dOne with my sickness~
getting wEll in progress~

anD now i feel sO blanked~
not knowing what tO do next~
although i'm still stUck with sOme days left tO work in nOV~

and i have the feelings tat i'm gOing tO be very F.R.E.E. in nOv~

give me mOre assignments plz dlOn~
i wanna wOrk~
i wanna earn mOre sO can spEnd in dEc~

i'm lOoking forward tO:
christmaS hoHohO~
anD the children's hOme charity event!
having a bad week~

sick while mugging for exam~
tat's wOrst~
hate it~
getting more & more tired~

i sld have get myself hospitalise & settle everything~
all the injections etc etc~
short term suffering rather than long term!!!

wanna seE an example of my tonsillitis~
dUn pUke allright!!!
click here
~H.A.P.P.Y.2.3.r.d..B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y my dearest Sis E.l.a.i.n.e~
exam cOming,jia yOu ok~
cya back here in sPore sOon
~H a P p Y 22nd B i R t H d A Y my sweetest J a S o N~
u r the sweetest of all,lUv ya =) may u find ur princess sOOn & enjOy ya day!

~ H a p p Y 22nd B i r t h d a Y president K e n n E t h Ylp~
hope u've overcOme ur sadness~ bE strOng, gO all out & enjOy today k~ will always bE there tO lend u my ears haa~
did i or did i not~
or am i thinking tOO much~
cos i dun wanna rUin it~
dun be tOo good~
all my '1st tlmE' spEnd this weEkenD haaa~
1st time fliming~
heihei,quite enjOyable~
the directOr was nice =)

my role was act as an wayang *opera singer*~
sO there my whOle face gOes white,pink,blacK~
1st experience haaa~
sO watch out for the new seasOn trUe files of 'pEeping tOm' =p

dO i lOok like 1 of the wayang singer~ =p

makE-uP in progress~
can seE that i'm wEaring a wlg haa~
allright tOday went fOr my 1st jOb interview~
*didn't make it thrOugh,nvm*
really dislike wearing fOrmal although a lOt say i wear fOrmal nice~
thick-skin pUiii haaaa~
jUdge ursElf~

p/s:damn its beEn a weEk and i'm still cOughin,my thrOat still hUrts~
i'm already on sUper plain dIet for the whOle weEk arggg~

hmm~hOpefully U get tO seE this pOst before u headed for ur chalet~

dUn have any surprise fOr u~
sO hope my little action dOne for U tOuched U hee~
sO sori i cant attened bOth of urs bday chalet on sAt~
cOs of something something lah u know haa~
but i'll try tO gO down if my thing enDs early than expected haa~
anyway bOth of u enjOy urself ok =)

and lastly

i used tO dislike sweets but now i'm addicted tO sweets especially sugar free type~
i used tO dislike eating bread in the morning but now i lOve eating bread~
i used to dislike pink colour but now i find it quite sweet although blue is still my fav~
i used to dislike wearing heels but now i'm still trying to get used tO wearing heels~

i used to like u but now i HATE you!
i must be getting Old haa~
seeing dOc twice in a mOnth~
its getting wOrst each time~

i've gOt tOnsillitis~
acute inflammation of the palatine tonsils *within my throat*

anD i was tOld tO take mc~
as its kind of contagious and spread by droplet~

arggg hate it but anyway i'm gOing sch~
i just need tO keep my mOuth shut tat's all haa~
on this day,1/2 year agO~
i make a bet with my friend~
anD i truely regret it~
or sld i say there's still sOme sweetness in bwt~
but everything will nv be the same again~
my bOdy is shOwing signs & symtoms of breaking dOwn soon~
sO i've tO stop all the clUbbing,sUpper etc etc etc~

anD yEah bEnjl,thE bOuncers were sO cUte haa~

Happy Birthday Stef

y u all dUn believe fernie is my cOusin~
anD i saw my prl sch friend zhEn yl =)

bEnjl > mlkE > slyOng > alEx

mike say am i the lUcky 1 or~~~
thEy r the lUcky one haa~

more plc here
Cinderella & MambO nitz =)

We Are the Next Cinderella~
anD tat's oUr gOd-father fOr the nitz =p

more plcs here
i'll feel bad if the 2 of u become like this~
wasn't it all fine & well in the beginning till now~

why things tUrn out this way~
i know & i've to stay neutral~

but its like i'm helpless u know~
cos its like i'm the cause of it in the beginning~
Advance Happy 21st Birthday PinJi

guess u've enjOy urself tat nitz =)

its the 1st time we all collegue can gather tOgether having dinner tOgether without having bOss ard hee~
anD watch late nitz mOvie till the next mOrning~
even thOugh of wanted tO slp in the shOp haaa~

FarewEll Winnee & Addis

p/s:Fan Yi Chen's new album 'Love Story' is really thUmbs uP,4/5!!!