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this pOst is fOr beloved anNe & dEnnls~
whO is leaving uS for HK tO find a better tmr~
although 2yrs is shOrt but we'll still kind-of mlSs ya =)
*it also give us a better chance tO go HK often heee*

dUrian + majOng party~

mlss ya =)
i jump upon hearing this news~
and decided to search for it online~ cos the op will be dOne in Mt.Eli~
take a look at it~

"Transplant is his last chance to live"
Renal Transplant Part 1

Their blood types don't match, but he's getting her kidney
Man to receive kidney from wife in region's first incompatible blood-type transplant

Renal Transplant Part 2
* Jade's Blessed 21st @ GoodwOod *

wE lUv party hats~

the blEssed bday gal~

fOllowed by Blue J'azz @ Bali Lane

whEn nights fall,everyone changed into thelr pyjamus...

gOodwOoD paRk~
oH we luv cUpcakes~
nExt day,its pOol time~

mOre tO upload,brb!!!
Mummy knows bEst~ lUv mUm~
i was tag tag tag by Anne & Kaijing~
So here are the 70 qns..

1) Are your parents married or divorced? - of cos married
2) Are you a vegetarian? - occasionally
3) Do you believe in Heaven? - yesh
4) Have you ever come close to dying? - Nope...
5) What jewelery do you wear daily? - ring...
6) Favorite time of day? - 5-6pm
7) Do you eat the stems of broccoli? - I love broccoli...
8) What is your hair styling agent? - i dun style my hair...
9) Ever have any surgery? If so, what? - no,not at all~
10) Do you color your hair? - yup once in a blue moon haa~
11) What do you wear to bed? - tee + short
12) Have you ever done anything illegal? - hmmm,yup shhhh
13) Can you roll your tongue? - of cos~
14) Electric razor or blade? - neither
15) What kind of shoes usually? - hav slippers
16) Do you condone Abortions? - depend
17) What is your Hair color? - erhm....brown
18) Future child's name? Boy or girl? - gal:Natalie boy:Louis haaa~
19) Do you snore? - I hope not...
20) If you could go anywhere in the …
recently i've been too engrossed into this BurBerry Blue label~
omg,anyone care to get me 1 of these~