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This is the longest i spend in South America, 17 days!!! Well usually the first and the last stop would be the same so lets start with  ~ BUENOS AIRES ~

The charming capital and largest city in Argentina,
often called 'The Paris of South America'
for its soaring architecture and rich European heritage.

BA has everything to offer be it the wealthy district Recoleta,
the frenetic downtown La boca/San Telmo and the trendy Palermo ~

Was in BA to celebrate the NY 2015.
However was told that the BA people may be a little too quiet and prefer a little
low key celebration but wah, it prove us wrong! Underneath that 'skin'
lies the warmth and welcoming attitude of everyone in BA. During the countdown,
the spirit awakes and casts the spell well till the morning hours.
I was well impressed that BA's are very family orientated. The whole family
will come out and celebrate together even if your kid is still a baby on a pram.

Im not a very opera person but this is the 'not to miss' pla…
Backpacking to South America has never yet been on my bucket list ~ But im so glad, this bucket list has been ticked off ~ My geography wasnt so good hence beside Brazil and Argentina,  i dont really know much of where are the rest until i google ~
To be able to travel to South America is really one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences in the life of every traveller ~ Every capital i touch down at is really amazing and beautiful. Be it the modern city or the small little town at,  it just has everything that can be offered ~
Will be touching on the different places that we embarked on! Its really a journey not to be missed =)