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i met 2 unreasonable customers today~
damn plssed off~


things are getting out of hand~
my mind is cOnfused!
wanna know some of the werid & damn funny questions ask by customer~
me & jas have come out this list of questions being asked to us~

~we are selling this normal $16.90 slippers~
Customer 1) So what's so special about your slippers?

Us 1) OMG,what u expect us to reply about what so special about our slippers~but our reply is 'got our fourskin name printed on it lol' *diaO*

Customer 2) Isn't it all made of rubber,why is it so expensive?

Us 2) this question i was stunned but i was thinking havianas are also made of rubbers,then why is it also so expensive too. *pissed off*

~previously we are selling this kind of rubber calculator at $5.90~
Customer 3) Is the calculator WATERPROOF?

Us 3) MY GOD,do u bring your calculators out into the open air and let the rain falls on it and its only $5.90,what u expect,everything to be perfect!!! *BLOW AIR*

~of cos we do sell denim skirts & jeans~
Customer 4) Will your denim skirt or jean shrink?

Us 4) allright so do you have any denim …
hmm~i forgot is it today~
in which mark this day 1 year agO~
that u passed away~
u are still in my memories CJ~
hOpe you are dOing wEll in sOmewhere!!!


i'm sO touched tOday~
thankz dalE!!!

and nOw i'm sO deprived of slp~
nitz pEeps!!!
dOuble happiness today~

finally got my cEr~

and alsO

i got into the 2nd rOund heee~
waiting for early marCh tO come =)
i was told better not to weat cover shoes for dunno how long~

rEason : WHY???

cos i got fungal growing in my toes nails~
Great right~
damn it,its damn ugly~

from blood clot in my nails to fungal growing~
hopefully my toes nail grow faster~

2006 has becOme a history for every of uS~
sO throw all sadness or unhappiness in 2006~
lOOk forward and bring all the happiness forward in 2007~

before looking forward to 2007~
reflecting back some of my happy or unhappy past in 2006~

JAn - went for my A&E and OT in Alexandra *fUn*
fEb - fourskin CNY company dinner + driving in progress
mAr - study + exam + pass my ftt + driving in progrss
apR - fail my 1st & 2nd driving test + Starting PRCP + 1st ....
mAy - pass my 3rd driving test + .........
jUn - PASS MY PRCP *wheee* + repeat my 3055 + JJ concert + .........
jUl - 1st rental car with my pOly friends + ......... + 1st WakebOard
aUg - photOshOot + 1st rOllerbladE + TAIWAN TRIP
sEp - my bday celebration in TW + 'WHY NOT' gay clUb + 0409 dinner
oCt - 1st assignment,trUe files + tonsilities + 1st job interview + 3055 exam
nOv - 1st Song Ericsson k800i + I FINALLY GRADUATED!!!
dEc - starting of a new pOst in shOp + HONGKONG TRIP

resolutions for 2007~
actually my r…