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Who will be so dumb as to walk away with out taking your own ezlink card after top-up?

and here~
yes i'm the dumb one~
damn it~
*slap myself*

will any kind sOul return my student ezlink back sch?
well,i dOubt sO although i'm praying haa~
although my bday is real belated~
but neverless i still received prezzie from my bUddies~
thankz palz =)

from Anne & SherfrOm my pOly friends

using annE's pOlar cam

had an enjOable evening with Sher & AnnE~
thankz for the hOtpOt trEat gals =)
jUst suddenly cOme tO realise~
recently i've so many friends cOnnecting 1 another~
example like i just got to know this friend,then he/she happEned tO be my friend's friend~
arh its jUst complicated arhaa~

the wOrld is just too small~
and jUst tOo freaking out haaa~
everybOdy is diving~
i also wanna dive lOng agO after wakebOard~
and sO i guess timE for sOme savings uP =p
this time mOmo & zoUk was sUper fUn~
its beEn 2 days and yet we all are still tOking abt it haa~

Before gOing in mOmO~

after mOmO & on the way gOing zOuk~
hoho~soMeone was tOking rUbbish liao haaa~

anD finally inside zOuk~

tat's kEn klsslng parther~
tat night becOme a guys kissing night & not ladies nitz~
a sweet memOries fOr u right kEn =p

yeah we makE sOme new friends~
sO still in the process of cOllecting phOtos taken with them =)
nOw,view here for oUrs own~

more plcs here
im not one heartless person~


p/s:encoding to korean
sld i say the wOrld is freaking small~
or sld i say God actually planned everything before hand~

and everything reveals only now~


and both of us just recover from sOme shOck
andway mOre shOck tonitz yeah =)

tO my little cOusin staying with me~
u are 14 liao ar~
i though u are older leh~
pai sei~
i didn't know muhaaa~
although we live under the same rOof~

celebrating her bday in the middle of the nitz haa~
cOs gOt ppl bring a bday cake over tO our hse & ask uS tO celebrate for her aft 12 mah~
then the bday cake even gOt her 'stupid face' *j/k* on it muhaaa~
but still sO swt lah hor ur ex~

allright enjOy & dUn anyhow 'ah lian' 'ah hUa' liao hor~
ah bO i gotten give u a fierce face lor!!!

bday gal~

mUmmy,her & mE
i know everyone is plnning for my tw repOrts & plc~
here it gOes~
i know its long but plz dUn ywan tOo much k hee~

everyone also asking me bOught a lot of things ar~
total i bOught :
~8 bOttoms~9 tops~2 JumpsUit~2 sweaters~5 pairs of shOes~5 bags~1 belt~1 cap~1 watch~2 accessories!!!

allright all this are still not tO my extend yet lol =p

30 Aug - Day 1

sOri tO say its my 1st time taking a plane~
but anyway nth much while the place is taking off~
bye sPore & taiwan here i cOmes~

on the plane~
jUst wondering~
waO the clOuds are sO nice & cloudy~
i felt that i'm in heaven haa~

CLICK here

5pm - finally we reach TAIWAN~

decided not tO go clUbbing~
cOs its was sO late as we reach the hOtel~
sO 'MA LA Steamboat' is our 1st dinner~
and sO walk ard XMD lor~

CLICK here


31 Aug - Day 2

Got uP early for breakafst in the hOtel~
shOps at XMD open @ 11+ sO we hang ard tO take photos~
while awaiting for the Salon tO open~

yeah i'm gOtten dO my ha…
is tat sO coincidence~
meet uP with SY for lUnch today~

then he say 'hey i bought a new watch leh'
*and i quickly held his hand uP tO c*

i was WTH 'huh,oh gOd,u c'
*lifting uP my hand*

he was stUnned~
we 2 bought the identical levis watch~
but his is black while mine is white~

of cOs straight away even stranger alsO will think arha 'lovers watch' lor
oH plz ya nOt now liao lor plz~

white 1 more nicer right haa~

p/s:allright guys i've gOt all my TW photos liao,in the process of updating sO get back tO my blog tml =)
still in the process of cOllecting all my taiwan phOtos~
sO be patient a while more =)

let me share sOmething interesting in the meantime~
went tO my cOusin'Chad 21st Bday Party'~
erhm or sld i say its a GAY party hmm ya indeed~

bday bOy ChadmE,Fernie & Benji

bEnjl & mEbenjl & fernie

me & my dear ferniekana sabO by fernie haa~


after Chad's gay party~
decided tO went tO 'Why Not' a GAYs pub or club whatever~
it was waO,eyes candy for mE~
erhm but still so-so lah~

there was this 'Spore Drag Idol 2006' gOing on~
what does drag means???
erhm means guys dress up like gals -> ah-qua
of cos they are HOT & SEXY haaa~
of cOs got tO know sOme gays friends~

one of the contesten3 or 4~

Joel,fernie & mEleslie,me,Edwin

pretty right =p
more pretty leh

klsslng time part 1part 2

grOup phOto =)yeah lOok here & smilE

~mOre plcs here~