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Located at the southern tip of Taiwan. According to the locals, Kenting is still a country side area. Summer holidays with white sandy beach, blue blue sky, beautiful corals &  fresh seafood with the super crowded street food when the night hits ~

Decided to book a tour the next day to travel around Kenting ~ First Stop, Kenting National Park ~ Straddling Taiwan’s southern tip and bounded by sea on three sides,  lured by its warm tropical climate and magnificent white-sand beaches, the national park attracts million of visitors each year. Didnt walk too far up as we still have a lot of places to go later ~

Standing on this 7th storey high viewing tower, facing the taiwan straits ~

About 4 km down the south of Sheding Park, on the edge of the coastal coral reefs, a boulder stands erect in the sea. From a far, it looks like a departing sailing ship, hence the name Sail Rock. It is composed of 18 meter-high coral reefs that rolled down from the nearby plateau.

Sand Island (Shadao), covering a…


During the summer, the sight of green grass, flower blossoms and singing larks is quite refreshing. Here, one could stroll through the vast grasslands that overlook the winding coastline and steep naked cliffs and have an unchanged view of the endless Pacific Ocean; the gorgeous pink clouds of sunrise and the dazzling stars at night, all these magnificent sights are rarely seen by the urban people.

One chapter of my life seemed to have ended. I found myself to be like a sheep so lost and confused. Although the illness wasnt life threatening, it was somehow life-shattering for me ~ I felt like somebody has just firebombed my pathway forward and now i have to work another way round it.
Finally face to face standing at the crossroads at the Endo Centre where i should be seeing and maybe assisting. Yet i saw myself changing into the patient gown, the staff don on their air 95 as if everything has been change the opposite way towards me ~
In this 6 months when i was once diagnois with PTB ~ Everything fell ~ But im glad i have pick myself up and be positive ~
PTB ~ Thank you for allowing me to understand this disease more ~ Thank you everyone whoever knows about my treatment and for all the care and concerns ~ Thank you for this 6months of treatment and follow up ~ *finally no more red pee and i could drink again* Thank you TBC unit ~ Finally im free ! Finally i can wanderlust ~