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Adiddas Sundown run slower than usual as my ankle still hurts =( neverless the night run was fUn =)

after sUndown,its prawning time =p

last week im down cough,fever~ this week i hurt my outer lateral side of my foot~ see how unlucky can i be~
Happy 26th Birthday =)

opening of the Singapore Arts Festival =)
"Falling in love is easy,
staying in love is hard."

Then wilt thou not be loath
To leave this Paradise, but shalt possess
A Paradise within thee, happier far."
-John Milton-
my new bOok im loving it although i've not start reading it~ =p

sharks my leg hurts~ imagine oxygen tank drop onto ur feet~ how does it feel~ terrible~
i need a hair cut & some colour soOn~ my hair lOoks sOOoo messy *cough cough*
Today is whatever I want it to mean,
Today is whatever I want it to mean.
It's like living in the middle of the ocean,
With no future, no past,
And everything that's good right now,
Well, I don't wish for it to last.
I'll step through brilliant shades,
Every color you bring, brings up my smiles,
Cause this time, this time, this time,
Is fine just as it is.
happiness is ............ =)
Mr & Miss St James =)