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didn't tOok much pic this year~
no idea why~ just feel v.sian~

medication do helps haaa~ im much better~ but still gotten abstracts from all heaty fOod~
this cny seems quiet~ although orchard is crowded~ but doesn't seEms tO have the cny feel~
my reunion dinner this year~ will be having it at my ah ma's hOuse~ not that i dun like~ but i still prefer to have it at hOme =)
cny is approaching~ and yet everyone is falling sick~ boss is sick~ so am i~ sickening virus spreading everywhere~
i've been toking about this for 2 days~


SYDNEY (AFP) - - Huge global interest in "the best job in the world" -- earning good money for lazing on a paradise island

The job pays 150,000 Australian dollars (about 100,000 US dollars)(about S$20,000k per month) and includes free airfares from the successful candidate's home country to tropical Hamilton Island on the famed Great Barrier Reef.

In return, the winner will be expected to have as much fun as he or she can -- soaking up the sun, swimming, snorkelling, sailing -- and report to a global audience via weekly blogs, photo diaries and video updates.

The successful candidate -- who will stay rent-free in a multi-million-dollar three-bedroom beach home -- must be over 18, a "fantastic and charismatic" communicator, and able to speak and write English.

And they are at pains to stress that it is "a real job".

The successful applicant will "also have to talk to media from time to time abou…
Directions:Once u've been tagged,you have to write a note with 20 random things, fact, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose and tag 10 ppl,listing their names & why you choose them.

* im being tagged by Anne =) *

1) i like lousi kOo. well everyone knows haa~

2) i adore donnie yen, duncan lai & daniel chan too!!!

3) i slept at 11pm & wakes up at 6am everyday for work.

4) im turning into a workaholic soon!!!

5) im a tidy and clean freak. cos i cant stand messi-ness & im allergic to dustmites.

6) i always have eyebags no matter how many hours i slp.

7) im actually falling in love with eng songs~

8) im actually listening to fm98.7 instead of fm93.3............

9) im love to eat mee more than rice.

10) oh i hate gas-sy drinks.

11) my honeymoon holiday shall be maldives.

12) oh did i mention,i like hk guys haaa~cos they are cute!!!

13) i love to read chinese novels & eng medical story - book!

14) i run marathons just for the fun and to keep my metabolism going *cos some pp…
peacefUl 2008 fabUlous 2009

some super belated pic~ St James

Dec 27
KaiJing & Francls Wedding

had a quiet peacefUl countdown~
although the ppl surrounding me is all cheering

looking at the fireworks~
sudenly i felt peace~
suddenly i sense ....
suddenly i though of .....
suddenly i miss .....

i had a gd night~
i had not a gd slp~
i had a gd tan~
i had a gd lUff too =)