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Here we are standing at the end of another year  and the beginning of a next ~
Looking back through my blog over even the past years,  reminded of the ups and downs and the adventures this year has brought.
There is this clarity in my life i have never felt before.
2014 was a kick-started for work ~ Promotion, lots of events, programmes and conference has been lining up for me ~  It had me set goals and that i could meet them as well ~ It opened me up and gave me confidence in myself to chase what i wanted to ~ The next training programme im super duper looking forward to will be next year held oversea!!!
As the year has stretched on ~ I have seen so many amazing things this year and i couldnt be more grateful.
From Iceland, my childhood dream accompanied me with the northern lights, to Myanma, a place in asia which was not even in my list,  to Japan, climbing Mt Fuji with good experience.... i would never have dreamed it all ~
This year has been a blessing in ways i still dont think i understand…
Climbing Mt Fuji has been one of my bucket list ~ Its neither easy nor difficult ~
Standing 3776m, it is Japan's highest and most prominent mountain ~ The mountain itself may looks attractive from afar however the experience of  climbing up in the early wee hours among the hundreds of equally minded hikers  from across the world, are very rewarding.

Its my virgin climb for Mt Fuji &  im sure its gotten be a lifelong memories for me!
The most popular trail is the Yoshida Trail at an altitude of 2300m, which is the starting of 5th station ~ Aug is the season for climbing hence the number of tourist and Japanese  was seen preparing to start their hike too ~

( The red torii gate is the land mark of Torii-So lodge, 2900m above sea level! )

We started our climb at noon, initially it was easy, as we get higher up, there was a few times that we literally  need to climb on all four limbs before we could get up! But luckily in 4 hours time, we are up at the 8th station of our mountain huts to rest ~

Stepping into the Big '3' ~ To be frank, i have no feelings ~ Its just another number isnt it ~

It sounds dumb but still worth mentioning. No matter how good or bad, we still gotten get over it ~ The number/word 30 hangs over us like a solemn marker of adulthood, 
as though we woke up with wizened eyes and a headful of sage wisdom ~ 

Nothing magical happens when we turn 30 ~
30 is just a time of rapid change ~ And Yes, im more ready for more adventure than i am right now ~
A lot of pressie received this year are all connected to travelling ~ thank you everyone! You guys know who you are ~
There isnt a country in the world immune from stereotypes ~ Everyone form opinions about the places and their inhabitants  based on whatever they can glean from ~ Hence, asking how would i described Japan ~  The results on a thread would be very positive ~
Not only me, im sure a lot of people would be able to list a lot of positive adjectives about Japan ~  Before jetting off for Japan, i wasnt sure what kind of mindset would i get from Japan but deep down i know it should be a good one. 
To be humble, i was a polite person hence, i was surprise that the Japanese was way above me. I must admit Japanese culture has taugh them well and im really impressed. Their traditional Japanese bow, respect, kind and polite-ness was really thumbs up ~
All along, i though ranking of cleaniness wise, Singapore was tip top of it! Yes pretty much surprise again, i guess Japan was another rank on top of us. I couldnt find much rubbish bin in Japan and indeed, i couldnt find any rubbish on the ground too ~ Yes, to m…
Where ever you are, it is always your friends who make your world!
I feel so glad to have them for this trip! They dont make me feel left out! We had fun gossipings,running in the rain,  dealing with the 'typhoon', looking at cute japanese guys etc etc ~ Not forgetting, supporting each other up to Mt Fuji!!! These are really what friends do =)
Thanks for this awesome trip, Esther & Diana! Yes we are starting to miss Jimmyz and my little bf! haha ~
p/s: i know its collecting spiders and bugs! will be back blogging about Japan!
another new adventure awaits me ~ another wanderlust ~ another new adventure ~
its gotten be my virgin climb up Mt Fuji! i told myself, since you can do it! i can do it too ~ does it matter much now? i duno!
im looking forward to this trip with my new travel buddies!
To do what nobody else will do, A way that nobody else can do. In spite of all you go through; That is to be a Nurse! Happy Nurse's Day my fellow nurses friend!
Day 11, 12 & 13 : Seydisfjordur / Hafnarnes / Kirkjubaejarklaustur
We had a fabulous breakfast especially made for us by the homestay lady, best breakfast ever!

Moving into the east area! Set off for the next waterfall ~ After an hour ride and half an hour of walking in, here we are at Dettifoss!
Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe that blew me away with it sheer size & power. A waterfall so fierce and wild. The milky colour was due to the fact that the massive river  was fed by the sediment rice meltwater of the vast Vatnajokull glacier.

Iceland is a mother nature earth ~ Here we are at the Hverir @ Krafla. Hverir is an area of hot springs, mud pots, fumaroles  and other geothermal oddities. Once you are near these mud pots, the smell of the  suphur may get one dizzy but you will get used to it and get better. On a closer look at this pretty bubbling pot, the steam vents and boiling mud, we are indeed one step closer to the mother earth.

We managed to reach Seydisfjordur bef…
Day 8, 9 & 10 : Dalvik / Akureyri / Myvatn / Grimsstaoir
Half way though our journey, moving up north now.  We decide to pop by for a swim at Hofsos before our final destination in Dalvik. Who say you cant swim in Iceland. It may be windy, it may be cold but once you jump into the pool, oh gosh, that's heaven. Well but for someone who dont really fancy swimming, its a torture.  My goggles broke into half in my luggage hence im in a bad mood plus the chilling pool  *which was supposed to be warm* pulls my mood down totally!
Oh well, kind of shock at the culture but should have expected it. Everyone has to showered 'naked' before donning on your swim wear and head down to the pool ~  Come to think of it, its quite hygiene isnt it? 
The locals there really loves swimming, kids playing in the big pool while  the adults enjoying themselves in the thermal pool. With such a good view facing  the mountains, who don't love swimming in iceland!

Moving up, passing by Siglufjorour whic…