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She has a million reasons to give up — on love, on her career, on herself   but she keeps going. She keeps hoping. She keeps believing that things  are going to get better. She’s been through hell and back, but you would never know that by looking  at her. She wears a wide smile. She talks with enthusiasm. She acts like the  world is a beautiful place, like she’s never gotten chewed up and spit out by  boys that looked her in the eyes and lied about loving her.               But she has been hurt. She has been lied to. Led on. Cheated on. Ghosted. Abandoned.     But it doesn’t matter how many boys she had to erase from her contact list, how many   relationships she got excited over and then disappointed by. All of her exes combined aren’t enough to convince her to give up hope. They’re not going to trick her into believing that she’s unlovable. She knows what she deserves, she knows that it’s out there, and she knows that she’s going to find it. She still has faith. She still has strength. Of…
This is simply one of my best trip of all! Pakistan, you really make my heart jump and fall for you! Will be back blogging after I sort out the photos!
To the Land of Pure! It's gotten be excited! It's gotten be adventurous
I gotten be brave I (Lung) gotten be strong =)

Maybe it was me? Maybe it was you? Maybe I didn't give too much, you gave too little. Maybe I thought if I gave more it would make up for what you’re not.  Maybe you’re closed off, and can’t accept this kind of affection,  because you’re still healing from a past love.  I won’t do that.

So maybe it was me.  Maybe it was you.  Maybe it was just a cactus that got a little too much water
It is not the rock ahead you climb that wear you out. It's the fear in you!
Trying to conquer my fear of wanting to climb this 6B route in a top rope way! But still having the fear of swinging outwards when I fall. Disappointed with myself, with my mood that day and with everything that falls ~

Forgive yourself first. Release the need to replay a negative situation over and over  again in your mind. Don't become a hostage to your past by always reviewing  and reliving your mistakes. Don't remind yourself of what should have, could have  or would have been Release it and let it go. Move on!

You are a wonderful Person!

This is the month that I had the most celebrations and cakes! Each and every one of your bday surprise puts a smile on my face. This year by far is the best year of celebrations. All your presence are deeply appreciated down in my heart! 
Well, they say make it a september to remember ~ Deeply grateful to all the wonderful celebrations in this month~ Be thankful for my life, Spend thing in nature (climb), Breathe deeply, Let go of your worries, forgive yourself & others.
Something for myself: 3+4岁的妳走到这。 妳所做错的事,我原谅妳。 妳过去不开心的事,我现在要妳开心的笑。 妳所完成的事,我替妳开心。 妳还未完成的事,我会继续替妳完成。 谢谢妳经历过去的人事物。 谢谢那些离她而去的人。 谢谢该在的人还在。 我会带着妳的经历, 学习做个更好的人。 还是那一句 ; 今天的妳笑了吗?

p/s: this pic is one of my fav picture from one of my friend cum colleague  that I treasure much because they say you cant have OR you cant find good friends  out while at work and yes I tear when I receive this blessing from her....

Oh they say people come
Say people go
This particular diamond was extra special
And though you might be gone
And the world may not know
Still I see you celestial

But when I'm cold, cold When I'm cold, cold There's a light that you give me When I'm in shadow There's a feeling within me, an everglow
Like brothers in blood Sisters who ride And we swore on that night We'd be friends 'til we died But the changing of winds And the way waters flow Life as short as the falling of snow And now I'm gonna miss you, I know
But when I'm cold, cold When I'm cold, cold
Not only 1 but 2 sweet bouquets from my sweetest friends who have been there for me during my ups & down!
It's still a normal usual working day for me cos i hate not working on this day.  I just hate to dwell on the past.  Scar will forever be there no matter how well they heal.  Very thankful to those who remembered and wish me. Very grateful to those who throw mini surprise for me especially 1st year with my climbers group! 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and everyone of you!
Getting SNCS level 2 was not in my list this year! I have completed quite a number of things I wanted to do this year and im contented! I was like what's the rush, I seriously need to climb way a lot more!
But having learn, complete and pass level 2 ! It was way stress than before! I gain a lot of knowledge on climbing! Better way of tying the knots, the quickdraws, DIY PAS, the dynamic ropes, clip in and clip out etc....
Last but not least the lead fall!  It was scary for a person like me that has so much phobia for height! But yay, its was a leap "jump" of faith ~
Thanks Derek for being so patient with us and  even willing to continue the class when it was only the 2 of us!
My partner in Climb for "pushing" me to take the class together!

And so in the end, the following week, we decided to take verification! Just in case, we forgot everything that is taught! It was cold hands and feet! I was not confidence at all. But managed to squeeze on a little lady luck on the 1st Septem…

Gua Damai

Every climber has its origin story and here's mine! How it got all started may be different for everyone  but i'm sure the reason we all keep climbing are similar. Rock Climbing never been on my bucket list ever since I start climbing in the gym. I got my SNCS level 1 in March, till now 4 months & I get to do rock climbing.

Climbing has not enriched me financially tho it do takes up a lot of my time because practically my weekends are spend in the climbing gym  when others are out shopping, café hop (that's what I do previously). I put priority to climbing now accommodating to my climber friends more rather that having to plan for a drinks or dinner sometimes.  Eat can wait, Climb first!!!

It is like a dream come true for me to be able to climb a real rock formations! Because I have phobia for height hence I tend to worry but once I step onto the rock, I was swamps by the freedom of the rocks... It is no where like climbing in a gym where all the artificial boulder are fix on for yo…

6/6 life

It was not a bucket list but a to do list for lets say 7 years ago ~ Something which i avoided for years ~ Ever since i watch the 'final destination', i always had this impression of  being left on the lasik op table and not knowing what to do ~
(we had to have a specs selfie at our workplace first)

Finally on the 11th May, pluck up my courage with my twinny and go ahead for it! We had this plan out few months before.  I never had problem with any infections of my eye because i took really care of my lens (i cleanse them before and after daily) ~ But then yes, its a bothersome to always got to ask friends to help to buy contact lens from thailand ~ (im using Maxim colour lens which is cheaper in thailand)
Another is travelling ~ Yes, i travel often and its really troublesome to count my daily lens usage for my trip and  the bottle of solution to bring on. 
People wonder why i dont go to SNEC since i'm a singhealth staff ~ But then the waiting time and the op usually wouldn't be the s…

Heideberg ~

Heidelberg is the fifth-largest city in the German state &; home to the oldest university in  Germany with roughly quarter of its population dense more to the student
Booked this Airbnb due to its beautiful scenery from day till dusk ~ It was getting a bit warm in Heidelberg! 

Sunday in Germany is totally a rest day! Most of the shopping malls, shop are all close while the tourist attractions are open cater to tourist which includes  some gift shops and perhaps café and restaurant.  So Sunday is the tourist attraction day! Visited the Heidelberg Castle!
Located 80m up on the norther part of hillside,  either a funicular railway or the traditional climb up steps. I choose the latter because when you look back, the view is dying for!

The castle has a history almost as old as the city itself. The castle is a combination of several buildings surrounding an inner courtyard,  put together with a haphazard look. Each building highlights a different  period of German architecture.