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another year enD~
means anOther year olD~
anD im stepping into a quarter centUry~
but at least i've survived another year~ survived with a SMILE~

lOoklng back my past resOlutions~
mostly achieved but still too bad bO bf yet haaa~

reflecting what have i dOne in year2008:

jan - hm,nothing much except working & working & working
feb - bOught my lappy =p
mar - i went langkawi
apr - i went bkk
may - anne & her hubby went over to HK to work
jun - i went perhentia island for a get-away
jul - complete my passlOn run 15km
aUg - complete my Shears bridge run 10km
sEp - 1st solo trlp tO HK
oCt - anne's hen party / 1st halloween party
nOv - anne's wedding / last month of work in mt.eli
dEc - start of new jOb / KJ wedding /

and most imptly : is completed my SC 21.1km which mark the end of year run of total
47.1km =)

as for the nEw 2009 resolutions~
1) wanna travel to US or Europe! *grace,im waiting for u haa* 2) hmm,slim down MORE! 3) still hope everyone ard me stay healthy & happy =) 4) may i e…
hOpe every has fUn & a Happy 2009

below are my past phOtoS

Krls & Anthony Wedding'08

fOllow bY the sUn baSkedPiniC~