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in this new year,of cOs wiSh for WORLD PEACE~
everyOne in piNk hEalth~
sTay happily~

bEen in a delimA these past fEw days since A&E last pOsting has finiShed!
if i cOntinuE with my dREam oE staY tO train in A&E~
anSwer i gUess stIll havE tO leavE till MAY!!!
finally in a blink & i'm year 3~
time really waits fOr nO man~

i'm still in dOubt...
of am i gOing tO be a SN after i graduate...

anD since thEn,everyone arOund mE kEeps asking me thE same qUestion...

"pEili,sO how,graduating sOOn,where u wanna gO,which hospital u wanna go,mUst plannEd nOw u know cOs yOu're not bonded"

OT sister told mE: "pEili,since u are not bonded why nOt join AH-OT?"
my reply in mind is: "ya sister,u think i dun want mah,i try asking AH to sponser me b4 bUt i fail anD i guess wait till u sEe my result then seE if u still want me in OT mah"

ya i'm nOn-bonded tO any hospital...
tat's means i'm free...
free tO go any where...
anD free tO do anything i want...

dOes it really assUme that i graduate in a diploma in nursing...
i will pass oUt tO be a nurse mah...

my reply will bE: "see hOw if i can pass my PRCP then say"

i'm nOt saying nursing nOt good bUt i just dUN like thOse jOb whiCh frEeze me frOm moving anD…
finally AH OT attachment has ended~
1st time i'll mlss my time @ OT~

bEcos of all the different case of op i've seEn~
bEcos of the friendliness of the stAff~
anD of coS i'll mlSs my anaesthestic *cOs i saw a cUte 1*wahaa~

tIMe fOr A&E next weEk & of cos i hOpe its fUn & exciting tOo!!!
15 Jan 06 Sunday

i nearly breakdOwn while wOrking...
a sUdden call,a sUddEn msg frOm JaCksOn's friend...
my heart sUnk,my tEars drOppEd...

thOse paper cRanes madE by mE,my friends & cOusin will nEver ever reach his hands again...
thOse miracleES will never happEned again!!!

He has leavE uS!!!
its a sUdden yesh it is,i've never expected that tO be sO fast...
i'm still planning tO visit him this weEk bUt .......

yEsh cOme tO think of it,i really cant help myself by feeling really sAd...
hE has jUst celebrate his 20 yrs olD last dEc & gOing tO be 21 this yEar bUt whY....

everyOne say actually its a relief foR him cOs he has beEn suffering...
hE tOo know his condition & this day will cOme~
but in the beginning whY this happEned tO him!!!

16 Jan 06 Monday
i went tO his funeral...
tO know why suddEn happEnED& perhaps the paper cranEs pasS tO his friends tO let thEm decide what tO do with it,perhaps bUrn tO him!!!
i really cant hElp it whEn i seE him lying there...

i know its bEeN …
after 8 days has pasSed in 2006~
nOt much of impact~
jUst have a feeling of tat i'll nOt be ablE tO grad in mAy~

dUnno whY~
and feEls that 2006 is nOt a gOod yEar fOr mE!!!
lOts of things happEned~
perhaps its just that i'm tOo sensitive bUt...

i'm still stRuggling harD~
strUggling tO sUrvive~
stRuggling haRd tO stAy hAppy~
strUgglin harD tO chEer mysElf uP~

~Ways tO Cheer Yourself~
141) The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss.

142) View a meteor shower and get caught up in the wonder of it all.

143) For a happy daydream, remember: your first kiss�K.your first cara big surprise
party�Kreceiving an award�Ka childhood dance�K the first day of summer vacation.

144) Write thank-you notes to all the people who have helped you in the last month.

145) Make your next vacation a quite, relaxing on.

146) Do you need to lower your blood pressure? Pet your dog for fifteen minutes a day; it has been proven to lower one…s blood pressure.

147) Do the ordinary stuff i…
after 2 mOnth of early oUt,latE bAck frOm my house...
i'm finally settle,having a day OFF from everything & stAy hOme tO clEan my mEssy cUm diRty rOom!!!
aNd tO plan fOr everything in thE nEw 2006!!!
latE bUt sincere~


i'm sOmeone whO will always reminise the paSt sO i dO not hestitatE tO always dO a recOllection oF my whOle 2005 here *jUst likE what i did last yEar*

[[[ MY RecOllectlOn of 2005 ]]]

Jan - Attened MF Grace Jie Wedding *sWeet cOupels* ^_^
Feb - Got my B.C.L.S cer!!!
Mar - Went tO NUH Gyn ward,get tO see delivery & thE newbOrns are really cUte!
Apr - Went for SuperStar audition with MF.
May - haa~1st visit tO Dbl O
Jun - heihEi~finally gOt tO meEt uP with K_ _ somemOre @ hOspital dUring attachmEnt.
Jul - MF 2nd time Chalet + a makEover phOtO shOot!!!
Aug - Training fOr NAFA + Start taking my Basic + a lot of 21st babiEs celebratlOn!
Sep - MY 21ST CELEBRATION + Pass my Basic at last + Clara's Baby gal 1st mtH!
Oct - finally,Sec kTv + Poly Class Out…