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i manageD tO havE my oWn mUslc uP with the hElp of fernlE...THANKZ~

my 1st intrO of thE sOng shAll bElOng tO JJ title "DOWN"~
OH GoSH,i fEll in lOve with it at 1st slgHt *oPs sld bE hEaring*~
its thE eng verslOn of this Chinese sOng trAck 3
< Shu Neng Sheng Qiao - PerfectlOn >

here's the enG lyrlCs~

I can't believe it Tell me i'm dreamlng
That we are still "we"?

It was amazing Said you were lucky
That you found me

It was on a rainy day that we met
You didn't have a place to go
I said we just met so lets go slow but no
You just told me to keep you from the cold

Sorry i can't take it
Why did u fake it Why did we kiss

And i'm just dOwn
You left me with a note without a sOund
I figured i must have been such a child
U'll never know how much i've been around
How my heart just frowns

If you're down
I'll be your teddy bear,I'll be your clown
I'll take you round and round and
If you don't mind i could be ur standing grou…
bEen sUch a lOng time~
sincE i cAn stay hOme in my cOsy little rOom~
& havE a gOod rEst!

listEning tO all my oLd Cds *thEy are rOtting sOon*
perhaps taklng oUt my nOvels and havE a fEw pagEs rEad~
clEar my rOom as it hAs gOne back tO pOst CNY days~
last bUt not least,stUdy fOr uPcoming tEst~
anD typing oUt thE prOject!!!

i gUess 24hrs is nOt enOugh!!!

in a bliNk,i'm gOtten finish my driving sOon~
perhaps will bOok fOr my TP tEst in 2-3 mOnths cOs i still mOre rEvlslOn~
+ i havEn even pAss my FTT,daMn~
sO stUpld man mE~takE sO many times still fail bleahz!

my drving bOok

my prOgrEss

haa~of cOs i'll nOt shOw my facE lol

hOpefUlly aftEr pasSing my TP tEst prOperly~
graduate pEacefUlly~
fOund a jOb luckily~
gOt a stablE incOme cOntribUtely~

haa~anD gEt a family cAr
my daddy,mY mUmmy & mE caN drlvE hee~
still lOng bUt tat's my objEctlvE in thE nEar fUture!!!

oF cOs i've tO fUllfIll thE abOve 3 criteria in my mOre nearer fuTUre nOW!!!

K tata goTTen stUdy for my 3077 tEst liao!!!
2 years agO,wE were still together celebrating
bUt 2 yrs later~
hE walk pAssEd mE & wE shAke hAnds wishing eACH OthEr~

wEll that's nOt the main pOint!
thE main pOint iS pHewW~lUcky 2 yrs nOw wE are Not Together cOs its finally i'vE seEn his tRue cOlour tOwArDs his gF nOw,wahaHa~~~



alyO dunO which person crEate thlS day jUst fOr haPpy cOuplEs & lOnesOme singlEs~
it cOuld just bE everyday if every cOuple sTay swEetly etc......

fOr mE,i canT bE bOtherEd with it cOs i'vE beEn singlE since thEn wahaaa~
nOthing tO envlOus abOut gals havlng fLowerS or giftS tO receivEd frOm gUys!!!
WastE of tlmE cRacklng uR hEad what tO gEt fOr him or hEr for every V.Day~

eSpEcially dRead getting gifTs fOr gUys bleAHZ wether its,bday etC~
*oR pErhaps whEn U gOt a bf thEn u'll nOt bE likE this liao pEili*
oH nO,i'll still bE the sAme,dRead~
dRagging mySelf tO get sOmething jUst fOr him oN tat 'sPecial' day oF hlS or Us -_-&#…
Part 8 -Ways to Be Happy

141) The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss.

142) View a meteor shower and get caught up in the wonder of it all.

143) For a happy daydream, remember: your first kiss�K.your first cara big surprise party�Kreceiving an award�Ka childhood dance�K the first day of summer vacation.

144) Write thank-you notes to all the people who have helped you in the last month.

145) Make your next vacation a quite, relaxing on.

146) Do you need to lower your blood pressure? Pet your dog for fifteen minutes a
day; it has been proven to lower one…s blood pressure.

147) Do the ordinary stuff in an some-one on a downhill skid.

148) Keep all your promises, especially those made to yourself.

149) He, who fears he will suffer, already suffers because of his fear.

150) Realize that life is a journey, not a destination.

151) Life is an exiting journey, and all that has hit a major or major detour. Remember that, in time, your journey will be wonderful again.

back with mOre pOstings...

Lunar 3:
wEnt francls hOuse fOr lUnch + dinner + ktV....
lOves hls dOg RlgO soOOO cUte!!!

lin jlE



Lunar 4:
haa~oF cOs sch starts & whEre the stRess & frictlOn all bEgans!!!

Lunar 5:
1 wOrd tO describE "S.T.R.E.S.S"

Lunar 6 evenlng:
1 by 1,wE prOmise tO visit each other hOuse sO da~la
my house 1st dEstination!

too bad bLur on chlO bU only!

fire spaRks

Night :
was oUt at a chilling pUb with Adrlan,Suman,ChlO bU,PeiJin!!!

suman,what r U dOing

Valentine TEE~i can't imaglnE the wOrld wlthOut Uuu~anyonE wanan gEt thls

nice ambience

U on camEra

indian dance at night!!!

Night Merlion

what U lOoking at PJ~

aCt cUte gUy

dReamlng mE

bLur cOck,what U lOoking at haa!


nEed tO say mOre

say mE somemOre i klck uR aSs!

stAr + lEgs

Lunar 7 Noon:
was Out tO NovEen hOuse fOr sOme majOng,that's oUr every yEar regUlations haa!

majOng tlmE

Prl sCh kaklS

Lunar 8 Night:
nOt forgEttlng gRacE hOuse *ops i'm wrOng is ChlO bU hOuse* at night!!!

chlO bu & hEr friends

staring at the bOoks on my studies tablE...
management of nursing~
community health nursing~
social psycho~
behavior modification~
social wOrk~
abnormal psycho~

staring blankly,i dUnno which 1 tO start 1st!!!
the main thing in my mind is the starting of March 27th PRCP~
will i bE ablE to get over it for the whOle 6 weEks or will i bE suffering over there!!!

dUn say PRCP,my exam in March,i alsO cant granteE i'll pasS man~
i really sUcks at psYcho & social!!!


--------tlmE fOr sOme CNY 2006 blOgging--------
its always the sAme every yEar on the 1st of Lunar~
GrandparEnts visit & stAy there all day lOng watCh tv,slP,eat nO more!!!

2nd Lunar:
early mOrning,my hOuse is the nExt stOp!!!

my hOuse

liOndance @ my nEighbOur hSe

wOw,still gOt the Chai Shen Ye hee!!!

anD nOon timE is my 3rd aUnt hOuse where its tUrns intO a gambling dEm always dUring CNY!!!
nOt forgEtting the phOto taklng frEaks with my cOusinS!!!

adUlt dEn