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have plans for :

Siloso beach party cOuntdOwn~ A Private House party CoundOwn~
bUt all has tO be cancEl~ just bEcos im wOrking & oN STANDBY CALL~ i know i defintely will bE in for this call~ cos dUnno wth dO some parents want their child by hOok or crOok tO pOp out on the 1st Jan
dOes it make a difference tO be oUt on this day & other days~ just becOs the nUmber lOoks nice~ jUst becOs the whOle wOrld will bE celebratlNg fOr U~ allright,i've nO biase tO those bOrn on the 1st Jan~
bUt u know our jObs sometimes,its just sO ........ i really pltY a lot of others whO will bE wOrking oN NY/Xmas/CNY just tO mantain cOntrOl buT by lUck of any chance i neEd nOt bE on call~ plz sOme klnd sOuls sms mE bEfore 9pm and ask mE out~ greatly appreciated wahaa~

i hEart Hajl lanE
finally blntAn piC are here~
enjOy =)

Arrival + Dinner

In oUr rOom

tlmE fOr sOme lEisUre

oUt ln thE sEa & pOol

masSages tlmE

tat eNded our whOle trlp =)
nExt ls
Xmas CountdOwn + Sherine Bday CelebratlOn HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERINE