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i hate to say this but i believe what goes around will come back ~ because i experience it myself ~  and i know others do ~
i can never believe u did that to me to ur best frend ~ i hate u and i despise you ~
i pity your best friend 'J' who is still your friend now~ i may be wrong but u are not right too~ dont say anything you dont meant it~ CJH
不知不觉,这瘦小的身体好像要倒下了。 只为了某种的生存.
He is a strange man.
He may not be wealthy, but he can give me the things money cannot buy.  He cannot read minds, but he always have that special ability to know what i am thinking. He is rational, but he would always be the first one to give in to me when we quarrell last time. He may loves the window seat, but he would readily give up the seat on the plane for me if i wanted it. He is one of the most clumsy person i know, but this is the way to show how cute he is and make me laugh.
He is a bad tempered person, but i will still tolerate and be there for him.
He loves chocolate but he wouldnt grow fat.
He loves to communicate, but he comment i'm always too quiet.
He taught me how to enjoy the melody around me.
He taught me how to stand up for myself.
He taught me how to crack my brain cell and change my point of perspective thinking now.

He is a friend, a teacher, and a lover. I love him. And love keeps no record of wrongs.  Even if I have amnesia, I would still choose him and love him all o…
“I don’t need to hug or hold you tight
I just wanna dance with you all night
In this world there’s nothing I would rather do
‘Cause I’m happy just to dance with you”
The Beatles – I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
医院有棵香柿树! 每一天风雨不变,都会拾一棵香柿豆。
its not the best ~ i didnt try harder ~
i should have push myself more ~

我听到好多掌声 但是为什么人群里没有你的众影

沒有一百分的另一半 只有五十分的兩個人

付出真心 才會得到真心 卻也可能傷得徹底
保持距離 就能保護自己 卻也註定永遠寂寞

通常願意留下來跟你爭吵的人 才是真正愛你的人

有時候 不是對方不在乎你 而是你把對方看得太重

冷漠 有時候並不是無情 只是一種避免被傷害的工具

如果我們之間有1000步的距離 你只要跨出第1步

為你的難過而快樂的 是敵人
為你的快樂而快樂的 是朋友
為你的難過而難過的 就是那些 該放進心裡的人

就算是believe 中間也藏了一個lie

真正的好朋友 並不是在一起就有聊不完的話題
而是在一起 就算不說話 也不會感到尷尬

朋友就是被你看透了 還能喜歡你的
fascinating on how an abstract can evoke into so many different interpretations. is this a reflection of one's inner state of mind?
at the end of the day, people just believe whatever they want to believe in ~ there is really nothing wrong with that ~ it's one human survival mechanism ~
what about you? what do you see in this abstract? what do you believe in?
If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes.  Only then would you realize how special you are to me.
she has lost the most basic thing in life~ which she used to put on ~
and now its so hard to find it back ~
just a passerby ~
remember when ~

starting of my first night shift later~ pray its a good night ~
what is the greatest gift for a patient on dialysis?
its a kidney

received a patient who was about to have a transplant done ~ not much of conversation done ~ but from the look of his face ~ i can feel his excitement, happiness ~ hopefully its a successful transplant ~ will be praying for you!
and i start tweeting 6 months ago~ its like a blog or fb comment~ but a lot shorter than blog~ and a lot more of personal than fb ~ becos of less followers ~ tweeting more rather than on fb ~ as i can tweet anything i want and ~ you'll never.....

p/s : im at a lost....
she just hope all pain and suffering goes under her and let her dies off  peacefully~
坚强的人也会哭 ~
great she win the war to her and lose the battle to him~
infections is making their way uP !
when u have got too much time on your hands you tend to fiddle and go through photo folders on your comp looking and laughing at yourself when you looked so 'toot' in the past with the ugly hair and unmatching clothes. you cringe and you look further, you see times that you've had, happier times with friends and special ones, silly and crazy things that you have done. sad times, angry times, times when you've quarrelled and made up. memories then come flooding in, thoughts go running across your mind as if in a dream because for some reason some recollections feel so surreal as if it never happened. but you know it happened, as affirmed by this indescribable feeling that begins to well up within you, reminding you of those ironically happy times. you feel your gut churn and twist, and you realise the strange etheral hurt seems to throb in sync with your heart beat. you try to understand where that feeling is coming from. it feels like it is coming from a …
i've never miss a place so much that i would like to fly over there now ~
the line between life and death ~
how i wish god would grant me a wish~ just to stand on the stage and sing a song .......
HE WAS a firebrand while she was a peacemaker.  He was passionate and excitable, she was calm and quiet. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and the late Madam Kwa Geok Choo  were often as different as night and day,  but those who knew them said they complemented each other perfectly. Farewell Mrs Lee ~
表情 x 表面...
什麼才是最好的表達??? 絕對不是"表情"... 因為人們會武裝.會隱藏.會防備... 所以... "表情"就是"表面"... 也許不是時時刻刻都如此... 但總有派上用場的時候...
你是否曾面對喜歡的人.卻裝作一臉不在意?! 你是否曾面對討厭的人.卻裝作彼此很友好?! 你是否曾面對在乎的人.卻裝作一副不在乎?! 諸如此類的狀態.相信你我都曾遇過... 因為... 人與人的互動... "表面"的"表情"... 是必要的...
feel so helpless~
i wish september never exist ~
HEDLEY - PerfectFalling a thousand feet per second
You still take me by surprise
I just know we can't be over
I can see it in your eyes
Making every kind of silence
Takes a lot to realize
It's worse to finish than to start all over
And never let it lie
And as long as I can feel you holding on
I won't fall
Even if you said I was wrong

I'm not perfect

But I keep trying
Cause that's what I said
I would do from the start
I'm not alive if I'm lonely
So please don't leave
Was it something I said
Or just my personality

Making every kind of silence

It takes a lot to realize
It's worse to finish than to start all over
And never let it lie
And as long as I can feel you holding on
I won't fall
Even if you said I was wrong

I know that I'm not perfect

But I keep trying
Cause that's what I said
I would do from the start
I'm not alive if I'm lonely
So please don't leave
Was it something I said
Or just my personality

When you're caught i…
shift work finally starts tml~
this is so sweet and nice~
im impressed~ because not every guy/surgeon could do it~
people always say you are prone to accident if you're feeling sleepy/stoningw while driving~ finally i felt it just now ~ this is disastrous~
she is addicted to driving~
Happie Birthday My beloved Mummy =)
gals are silly little creatures who did silly little things~ so am i ~
“So given a Time Turner, I would tell my 21-year-old self that personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a check-list of acquisition or achievement. Your qualifications, your CV, are not your life, though you will meet many people of my age and older who confuse the two. Life is difficult, and complicated, and beyond anyone’s total control, and the humility to know that will enable you to survive its vicissitudes.”

Read her Harvard Speech here!

-credit wonderwool
26年的这一天~ 我没有了笑容~ 九月四日再也没有意义了
heart breaks~ shattered into million pieces~ it can never be mend~ a little something from u isnt much right... i just cant bring myself to face u anymore....
everyone has always been in search for the 'right' person...
just in turn how many of you has found the 'right' person and live happily ever after...
look at the one who is holding onto your hand now...
is he/she the right person that you are in searching for?
same old lines, no one is perfect~
you may have 'found' your mr or ms right~
but have u learn to love your 'right' person?
can you endure all his/her weakness and strengths?
can you endure all his/her good or bad temper?
can you endure??

so can someone tell me, what is searching for the 'right' person and what is learning to love the person you found?

it has been ..........
my hands are smear with blood~
i've become a teary robot~
Nobody knew you send me texts all day putting a smile on my face. Or texts at night saying “Goodnight, sleep well beautiful,” & texts in the morning saying “Good morning, did you sleep well?” Nobody understood why I fell for you. All they saw was the result: a broken heart.
Sadness is what happens when you turn your anger inwards
the nightmare starts from tomorrow~
赤裸... 當我面對陽光...




只剩下钢琴陪我站在这里 梦想中属于我们的婚礼 却成了单人结婚进行曲 在这场爱情角力的拔河里 爱我还是爱你 你选择了自己
撒娇的可爱的 女人的爱哭的 照片里曾经的都是你喜欢的 如今我还在原地 你却走回你的记忆
你说我爱你太多 就快要把你淹没 你害怕幸福短暂一秒就崩落 分开是一种解脱 让你好好的想过 我想要的那片天空 你是不是能够给我
你说我给你太多 却不能给我什么 分不清激情承诺永恒或迷惑 爱情是一道伤口 我们各自苦痛 沉默是我最后温柔 是因为我太爱你
只剩下钢琴陪我站在这里 梦想中属于我们的婚礼 安静了在我枕边的梦里
努力就有结局 wo~


was totally drunk... worst... feel so worst again.... couldnt cried.... really couldnt cried.... have i really let go? have i?
婆婆, 对不起
A nurse is not created -
A nurse is born of love
and compassion
and the willingness to give
of herself to others.

No book, no college,
no learned mind
could ever create
such a being.
Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.  ~Dag Hammarskjold
You didn’t develop your character because you did everything right~ Beautiful flowers grow in the valley, not the mountaintop. And you have to walk through the valley to get back up there.
So, make your mistakes. Kiss the wrong boys, overdraw your account, and trash your grades.What you do right or do wrong over the next fifteen years may make you grieve and may make you shine, but they won’t necessarily have anything to do with who you are, and that is the most valuable lesson you will learn.
- John Luther

p/s: when did you last smile?
我不哭~ 但天空在为我流淚~
sometimes she just needs someone to take her in their arms and tell her its okay to cry~
reality and dreams? which one are u in?
can i enter into ur unconscious mind?
Pharmacology = exam = assignment = stress exhausted again... trying to make myself tired so i can sleep better at night~ sometimes i wish i can just sleep forever and never wakes up~ good night world~ good night to u~
mama say she knows how much i love him~ mama say she knows how many places have we went~ mama say dont be sad, dont cried, be happy~ and mama keeps quiet,no more!
its confirm im allergic to caffeine this is very bad

天 亮了雨下了你走了
我假装过去不重要 却发现自己办不到

我不能就这样失去你的微 笑

说了再见才 发现再也见不到

清 楚了我爱的遗失了

若 角色对调你说好不好

伤心过去我无 力逃跑

can there be no darkness~ im just totally not myself when darkness falls....
what i love about you, i'd continue to love
what i hate about you,i 'd still continue to love...
thank you
her heart has stop beating
it's a painful month
collapse in exhaustion
i just took a knife and stab my heart

Cha Soo Kyung – Bad Wishes Lyrics 너무 널 사랑하나봐 널 보면 웃으려고 해도 눈물나 싫어 네 눈속에 비춰진 내 모습이 싫어 흐려질 너의 마음 같아 한땐 아프길 바랬지 때로는 네가 불행하길 빌었어 그저 너를 안을 이유가 필요했었나봐 아파야 날 찾는 너니까 또 다시 사랑은 욕심을 만들어 그 사랑 때문에 모든 걸 잃을 수도 있는데 널 사랑할수록 날 밀어낼수록 내 못된 바램이 너만을 바라보게해 한땐 아프길 바랬지 때로는 미치도록 울길 빌었어 지난 슬픈 사랑조차도 사랑이라 믿는 니 모습 견딜 수가 없어 또 다시 사랑은 아픔을 만들어 더 다가갈수록 모든 걸 잃을 것만 같은데 널 사랑할수록 날 밀어낼수록 너만을 원하는 내 못된 바램이 슬퍼 (지금 내가 하는 사랑을 이룰 수 없다 해도 가슴이 터질 듯 아파도) 보고 싶어 가지고 싶어 내 못된 바램이겠지만 널 사랑해서 미안해
Love you very much I try to smile but I’m crying Hate it, yes as the snow shines,I hate my reflection You clouded my mind/heart The painful memories fade Every now and then I wished for unhappiness I just need to guess your heart You hurt me, but its not you I want to create the love again Because of love,I’m willing to lose everything The more I love you, the more you push me away I’m bad to hope to have you all by myself The painful memories fade Sometimes I madly cry and wish I still believe in love even though t…
好累,但睡不了 眼淚又落下了
我可以接受你的不完美 我也可以为了你儿改變 因为我不想再逃避了 所以我还是决定離開
但我知道在这世界上 沒有一个人比我更爱你!
play a love song for me....
i'll love u for the rest of my days  and will love u beyond the world as we know it.
everyday she is forcing herself to smile...
just smile....
it isn't that hard...
in her uniform, she told herself not to cry...
this is a public place, no she cant cry....
and so when she finally reach home...
shut that door behind her, the tears burst out....
in that mini little corner.
the past few months had been tough and im in desperate for a breather. i cant believe i've met such a fugly terrible person. and im glad this person is totally out of my picture. it hasnt been a good early part of the year.
girls are more prone to depression... and i believe that every girl is depressed at one point of time. because i felt it myself.
girls show it more because we are more attuned to our feelings~ and we dont have the pressure to hold back and look macho. so we cry more, talk more, whine more and question more.  and hopefully the guys can understand.
praying that later part of the year turn for the better. hate to sound whiny so im trying to take that positivity from within.
looking forward to work~
its a new beginning =)
growing up is a process of discovery, and it often begins with the unlikeliest of things...
i had always thought in my mind that everything  would seem smaller as i grew bigger. things like my old chair,  and the old jigsaw puzzle which has been taken off the wall. they've all shrunk as i've grown, but growing up had blown the world into an  unmanageable size instead.
nine of june' 2010~ one year one month~ 396 days~ 9504 hours~ 570 340 minutes~ 34 214 400 seconds~ you know im still loving you! =)
不哭, 不代表很坚强 会哭, 不代表很脆弱
fucking angry~
i'm so overwhelmed~ add in a lot of sighs of relief~ mix with happiness~ pour out all my burdens!
there are so many things i want to do and say but not sure where to start from. shall start with the 'thank-ing' session~
i want to thank my both sweet colleagues~ Ms Leong & Ms Wong~ who have been helping me a lot~ we have laughters, sadness, angry with each other, quarrells.... but neverless, thanks gals! *i know you both will be seeing this =)* next, thank you to the one who bring me into psc~ thank you for teaching me~ thank you for all the nonsense you have given me~ and lastly ~ thank you for blocking the clinic always giving us more free time for pet society~
last but not least, thanks to those who have helped me before in mt.eli, sslc & level 19... =)
its just something i did purely out of love~ i have never though that much~ awaiting for you during that few hours is all worthwhile~ this time the tear doesnt come from me but you~ im glad just to see your smile~ its a sweet month indeed.
Happy 27th Birthday dear Irvin~
enjoy this special day (especially with me) =p
this is a Counting down mOnth!
3 more days to your 27th~ 8 more days to my last day~ 26 more days to my ........ =)
looking forward to 22nd May~ i hope you too~
in this minute, im jumping over the moOn~ im so delighted! in the other minute, my heart dropped onto the ground~ when daddy said those things!
090510 Especially for U and Me
In the first month~ I know im in love when i cant fall asleep because reality is finally better than my dreams!
Into the 2nd month~ i know i smile a lot because of U!
Going into the 3rd month~ i realise that i've meet a few wrong ones before you finally appeared in my dreams!
Fourth month~ a pair of hands, to guide me through the journeys!
Stepping into the 5th month~ I LOVE US!!!
 Finally into the 6th month~ i love you more than anything!
7th month~ i never regret anything because at one time, you are exactly what i wanted!
8th mOnth~ Heartache!
9th mOnth~ Smiles =)
Our 10th mOnth~ im so glad i've you!
  11th month~ i still remember clearly all our past dates & nicknames~ can you?
Finally on this month,this day~ mark our 1 year annivesary~ you know i always been holding on tightly because this relationship means a lot a lot to me. i really hope this goes on for another 12months, 12 years...... thank you for staying on with me be it the happy or sad times~ thank you and y…
headache~ lots of things to do~ can i be granted 48hrs a day instead~ im tired!!!
countdowning down now to less than 1 month~ a big burden has finally been unloaded~ im looking forward to my next new job =)
my eyes hurts a lot~ becos i've been crying non-stop for the past 5hrs!
♥ crack a little!
someone say: "its good to study,go ahead" then now the same someone say: "your school is not important at all"
someone say: "i want you to stay back because there's alot of people" then someone now say: "you can go off,i dont need you now"
f.C.U.K i guess i've very high tolerant... if not the consequences is bad!!!
i had a peaceful~ cool~ relax~ afternoon~ no conversation is needed! had my hair cut~ an afternoon tea by myself~ walk around town area~ collecting kite from friend~ and now home sweet home!
let's go back to those vintage days~

When I saw you standing there
I* bout feel out my chair
And when you moved your mouth to speak
I felt the blood go to my feet
Now it took time for me to know
what you tried so not to show
Something in my soul just cried
I see the want in your blue eyes
Baby, I*d love you to want me the way that I want you,
the way that it should be
Baby, you*d love me to want you the way that I want to
if you*d only let it be
You told yourself years ago
you*d never let your feelings show
the obligation that you mode for the title that they gave.
Baby, I*d love you to want me
the way that I want you,
the way that it should be.
Baby, you*d love me to want you the way that I want to
if you*d only let it be
It took time for me to know
what you tried so not to show
Something in my soul just cried
I see the want in your blue eyes
Baby, I*d love you to want me
the way that I want you,the way that it should be.
Baby, you*d love me to want you the way that I want to
if you*d only let it be
Baby, I*…
my heart is not here anymore~ i can no longer concentrate~ i believe i've mention this 101 times~
Every day
in every way,
we are growing stronger
and stronger

One moment
one min
one second
one foot
one step

every day
and every day

   H a p p y month, Mr Chua =)
Miss Yong and Mr Chua has been down with food poisioning for the whole day~
Miss Yong has been having diarrhoea for five times & vomited for three times~ all thanks to the Prata shop at Upper thOmson road~ am so not going there to eat anymore!
going to dream of the big prata mushroom cheese chasing us tonight!
thanks to the organiser for organising this cycling trlp to Pengerang~
its a great work~
i guess i've shed a few more kilo haa =p

apart from the burns that i've on my face,hand,shoulder~
its a enjoyable but not-enjoyable trlp too~

im serverely burned on my face, hand & shoulder~
like a mini little lobster~
my butt feels raw too~

every little movement or touch causes pain~
to be frank im scared of the sun now~
on the advantage: no make up this few days~
and i love my little red nose now (those who know i cry knows why)

anyway Happy Easter Day~
after going one big round~ im glad we are back as friends~ im glad i've met you today!
to reward myself for the past weeks~ i whipped up a super-delicious meal...
all veggies and no meat~
to promote 'Be Veg,Go Green. Save our planet' for the day!  too bad mr chua did not get to taste it =p

~cOOk~ delicious =p

p/s: its really not easy to cook a meal and washing up everything~
i took almost 3.5hrs to do prepare and cook~
just realise that we've known each other for 1 year++ cheer's tO our friendshlP~ coming uP next......

our one year together!!!
suspecting i may have hyperthyroidism~ immediately i went to do a blood test~
because of all the symptoms : most important is my unexplained weight loss, fatigue,muscle weakness, irritated, shaky etc etc....
result turns out well~ but still i can feel that my body isnt feeling that great recently!
now most importantly is my weight! millions and billions of people have been asking me recently 'Peili, WHY ARE YOU SO SKINNYYYYY' you look like an 'african kid'~ -_-''
im so skinny till my hand looks like a bamboo stick im so skinny till my butt has flattened! im so skinny till my 'assets' is totally like 'changi airport' *damn* im so skinny till i always look tired and 'eyes like panda'! im so skinny till even i've problem carry heavy things!
to be frank,i've totally no idea why! i didnt purposely lose weight~ its true im under a bit of stress but i guess that's all over! now i've been taking my meals regularly~ i've been taking steak,pork,la…
please pray for me... the result will come out fine!
felt peaceful these 2 days! 'if only there were a time machine,but could time really change everything'? in every action we do,it affects the future. and this shows how stupid and naive im in the past.
no doubt there's bound to be ups and downs in our everyday lives... but it just depends on how you handle it...
been thinking of this carefully~ very carefully~ not letting any physical or mentally effort to interrupt!
around the global world~ this kind of person, how many can you get to meet?
someone who is so proud,arrogant,scarstic~ spoilt brat,sly, despicable civilized yet uncivilized in another way~ pretend to be good when you are actually not~ causes others quarrel when at the back,pretending to be nice! even others can exclaim 'scary'
i met one! i've been tolerating well enough!
im tired!!!
eyes are sore! very sore! how long have i cried? no idea!!!
You are my sunshine, My only sunshine, You make me happy when skies are grey, You'll never know dear, How much I love you, Please don't take my sunshine away
Happy 10th, Mr Chua =)
Post Holiday Syndrome
joy - hk hk hk
loves - bf bf bf
lazy - work work work!
but i had a great time with BF~ pratically we walk everywhere~ up and down every station exploring! saves us a lot on transport! tiring but fUn! We took escalator up to mid-level peak, walk down again to take tram uP! took a bus down the peak instead of tram again!
Went Macau on 2nd day, 'walk' our way to Ruins of St Paul~ follow by Grant Lisboa and Venetian! We even bought red wine to enjoy as it was cheap! But you wouldn't want to know the consequences because i puke muhaha!
Had Portuguese egg tarts and delicious sandwich before heading back HK! Avenue of Stars follow by meeting uP Gracey & Mr So driving us in his mini~

2nd last day was spend shopping,not much damage except for Mr Chua! and we headed to HK Science Center *becos free admission* it was so nice & fun!
Last day was Ocean Park with sec besties =)
fun, exciting, trilling yeah!!!

back to reality of the world!