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im not a hard core gadget fan ~ and yes im a nuts for gadget ~ i totally need a guidebook for my nexus ~ this is how bad i am ~
i was torn between a kindle & nexus ~ but at last i choose nexus ~ for almost the same price ~ i get a better specs in nexus compare to kindle ~ so why not ~ but i still believe both of them have their own pros and cons ~
personally i dont really care about the camera, as i know my iphone is still gd to use ~ but a front cam from the nexus do benefit occasionally =p
i love the size of the nexus ~ it fits perfectly into my small hangbag when i hate carry big bags sometimes ~ its easy to hold and carry ~ oh did i mention its really light too ~
nexus may not be good as compare to kindle's antiglare polarization display ~ afterall, kindle is an ebook reader ~ im satisfy with just a HD display ~
performance wise, it has been ultra fast in switching app or turning it on ~ thanks to the jelly beans android 4.1 & tegra 3 processor ~
im not a gamer hence games wise is currentl…
没有把我的生日日期放上, 是因为我不想让自己提起伤心事! 也不想让太多人知道 ~
但我很高兴还有好朋友能记得 ~ 也要谢谢大家 ~

不需要任何礼物或张扬的庆祝 ~
一个小小的祝福就让我很开心了 ~ 

all I want to do for this whole week is to grab a book ~  sit in a quiet corner at a cafe & be immersed in the pages of another world ~ or do some people watching wondering the complex mind of a human being ~
the past month had been pretty hectic and devasted ~ i bet i've mention a million times in my twitter that i hate august ~ so a breather will defintely be a welcome respite ~