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2009 is coming to an end soon~
what have you guys achieve in this year?


i've found my little prince~
i managed to slim down~
iam happy for the early part of the year~

2010 is coming soon~
what do you wish to achieve for the coming year?


the more you expect, the more you may be disappointed with.
life is just so complicating~
sometimes you just wish you had no troubles with no problems and no stress~

well, Happy 2010 =)
Sometimes,its's not that bad to be alone!
this post came a bit later but nevertheless
im sure you enjoyed that night a lot =)
as i'll be on leave next week~
its time tO paint my nailsssss~
and thanks tO cousin,simple & nice *happy*
how unlucky can i be last week till now~
last week, consecutive 3 days i've been spilling drinks over on the floor~ and cleaning up the stupid mess~
today even worst, dumbo me actually pour fuit punch onto 'MYSELF' and got all my 'inside' wet.....
i feel like slapping myself... i feel like banging myself...
how can i be so unlucky during this joyful season~ no idea but just dont really have the 'feel' for xmas this year!
- 我好想对你说 -
-心動 心痛-
Dear Santa,

I promise to be good~
and i've been well-behave for the past few months~

When twenty-fifth decemeber comes,
Santa,i dont ask for much~

'Just bless everyone around me,my family,dearie,lovely friends in good health,wealth & happiness'


p/s: Santa,if can maybe add in another muimui or LV bag *ops* haaa~joking!!!
for the past few days~
i've been living in agony
i've not been eating well~ i've not been drinking well~ i've not been brushing my teeth well~ i've not been talking clearly~ and i've not been kissing my bf toO~ *muhaha,that's not the main point*

the main point is: I've this hUge 8mm concave ULCER~~~ just a tiny winy little ulcer can cause me sOOo much agony!!!

Santa,i promise to be good~ please let this ulcer heal faster!!!

boyfriend surprise me with this when im feeling down =)

if there's ever a chance for a day in my life to be ever so perfect~
so flawless~
wouldn't the world be a much better place for me/everyone to fit in?

not to be a pessimist~
but it seems so true that unpleasant things,
do happen everyday this week!

nearing xmas,there should be joy~
but why am i feeling so moody this week~

i tear till i look like a gold fish~
i walk till i look like a zombie~

i feel so listless that i wish im not working now~
i feel so 'slan' that i dont even want to smile to anyone~
i feel so insecure which i should have never be~

hopefully weekends will be better~

i need some chocolates to cheer me up!
i need a big hug to calm me down!
i need my smile back!
its amazing how times flies~ all the memories that we had~ falling deeply in love in you~
our first date~
our first pinic~
our first bowling session~
our first kl trlp~
our first celebration of bdays~
and many other more outings!

appreciate the things you have done for me~
reassure me in every ways~
a part of you has grown in me~
a part of me has grown in you~

im just completely fallen in love with you again & again!

Happy 7th hottie =)

my legs,my knees,my joints~
in simple~
the lower half of my body all gave way~
Yu Jun & Jolene 30112009

i must say its a mixed feelings this 2 days~
i can't figure out how exactly i'm feeling right now~

someone told me 'i though u hate to study'
my grades aint that fantastic at all in sch~
so what's the reason to make such a quick decision~

its when until a certain 'time' when you get boring with work and work and work again~
this word 'study' pop out from the mind!

its when you want to upgrade yourself,learn more things, get more challenge!
so i guess its time to study~ i wonder how is it feel like to be back as 'half a student' haa~
i woke uP and find myself drowning in my sweats~
i had a bad dream few days ago~
only had the time to blog now~

a dream which i hope it it'll never ever happen~
if it happen,i probably will get a heart attack.

nO more bad dreams please!
-- Part 2 --

Dear Mr Chua

On the 104th day, our crab dinner,you know i hate to use hand~
crab by crab,you peel/pluck the meat for me!

On the 105th day, tagging along to ECP for your bowling competition~
no worries,im not bored,just want to see you in action =p

On the 112nd day, this is the first time we club after being together~
nice feeling,its happy always meeting your friends =)

On the 116th day, yipeee,we are gOing on board the cruise~
our 2nd trip together, *tears* because i really love the surprise *hugs*

On the 117th day, i love snorkling with you in the deep blue sea,holdings our hands~
sorry,i got you sick after the snorkling!

On the 123rd day, staying over your house~
i learn the basic of playing plano *i guess ive forgotten now opss*

On the 129th day, just a simple text from you~
to heard my fav song on the radio makes my night sweeter =)

On the 138th day when you finally agree to dinner @ my house~
and my parents like you a lot =)

On the 139th day, heart pounding badly becos~
im going to me…
im back from taiwan~
freaking cOld in taiwan....
its like 16 degrees lah....

but then~

Singapore is still the best =)

B . U . T

finally another get-away from Singapore~
its a mixed feelings~
perhaps when im back~
i will have a better mind of knowing what i really want!

bye Singapore!!!
Ahlo Taiwan~~~

p/s: i'll miss you mr chua! *hugs*
nurses or doctors always tell patient must take medications reguarly~
as it heals your sickness to become better~
but when a nurse become a patient itself~ its another way rOund~
conclusion~ i am a difficult patient tO be~
Our first hallOween '09

i've never once exclaimed 'it's over' with a smile before~
perhaps it was becaused i used them for a negative reason~
which is obvious,i dont need to mention.

there's always a brighter side in life~
all i've got to do is to just be positive everyday~
and smile =)
learn to treasure yourself~ your loves one~ the surrounding people!!! you will feel life is good =)
i guess i've fallen in love with you again =)
its nice & sad!

last week was bad at work~
though it could get better today~
but neverless it turns out worst~

im someone who seldom throw temper~
unless it reaches the top of my head making me flare up.

today seems like an unpleasant day with a string of unfortunate events happend through out
when the thinking stop, the tears came~

and i guess ive mention a million times i hate my lacrimal glands~
i could never ever stop crying & sort things out...

i always tell myself ‘be strong peili,don’t cried’
but the useless tears still flow out in the end!

realised who i really am,
realised what i’ve actually done
realised why do i do this,
realised how can i be better in handling things without crying next time.