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im utterly unhappy~
how i wish i didn't take this leave today~

sometimes how i wish my mum just give birth to me only~
sometimes how i wish i dun have this brother~
who just create trouble and no more~
im offically on leave from now~
at last,a long leave~

sometimes sometimes~
it true that when god gave u something~
he will take away something from u~
sometimes life are just hard to predict~

u never know how badly u can get hurt when someone stab u in the back~
everywhere anywhere~ if tat's the path you've taken,stick to it~
cos u never know something good might come out of it~ argh~i've no idea what am i blogging~ too much to say~ too little to blog~
im screaming for joy~ cos my laptop is here~ *grinning*

this shOw is frEaklng tOuching & nice~
although the story line & plot are just predictable~
but the show is just 'great' cute guys + pretty gal~
afterall,we are humans with feelings too~

Day 2~
we went Oriental Village~
and sat Cable car~
much more trilling than spore cable car haa~
cos we went as high as 710meters high~
and walked along the suspension bridge~

1st pic show the suspenslOn bridge we gOing dOwn tO walk~ its shaky & SCARYyyyy

its time for sOme tanning =)

A bit of amendments done to this quiz*

Ok I've been tagged by Anne,KJ & Sher! Didn't really know what I've to do but I guess just had to copy paste this in my blog and change the following as accordlingly! haha

5 things found in your bag:
1. Wallet
2. HP
3. Umbrella
4. Makeup pouch
5. MP4

5 favourite things in your room:
1. Cosy bed + pillow
2. LAPTOP *soon*
3. MIRROR,allright im vain~
4. Radio,if not MP3~
5. Display cupboard~

5 things you have always wanted to do:
1. Around the wOrld in 80 days muhaaa~
2. Buy a big apartments for my parents to live in~
3. Tell my parents how much I love them =)
4. Beautiful apparels,shOes,bag & BeautifUl ME~
5. shed away those necessary FATS~

5 things you’re currently into:
1. Lousi Koo Tian Le~ *sWear,nv changed muhaaaa*
2. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC~but i hate ktv now,no idea why~
3. Being a good person~
4. SLEEP,im lacking of it~
5. FACEBOOK muhaaa!~

5 people you want to tag:
1.Jasmine *fourskin*
2.Fernie *cousin*
3.Yvonne *cOusin*
4.HERI *fourskin*

~day 2 la…
Day 1 Langakwl
staying somewhere amOng the rainforest~
sO we'll tOld that mOnkeys are a lOt~
but in the enD,we didn't even seen a single monkEy~
the chalet rOom was gReat~
especially the connecting shower tUb with the rOom~

tat ended day 1~ mOre on day 2 =)