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anNe give me an idea/reasOn tO blog~
as i was lacklng what tO blog recently~
simple and easy~
what's in your bag???

basically the items in my bag are the regulars items in which every gal sld have lol~ starting from the 1st row from left tO right~
1) My new tote bag haa cos the rest are all spoilt
2) Burberry wallet
3) Nameless Pouch tO store other cards
4) Another Nameless pouch tO store my cosmetics items
5) Tiny Umbrella
6) My fav Samsung 'ipod',it helps me to pass my times away
7) A MUST to have,Almond oil daily hand-cream,LOVE ITS SMELL *sniff*
8) A Comb which i steal in taiwan lol
9) Sony Ericsson phone
10)No key how tO go hOme,right
11)I'm consider blind without my lens & glasses
12)My fav book for the day - Another day in the Frontal Lobe
13)2008 Organiser
14)Ezlink,tap-in/out working card + locker key

now,what's in your bag toOooo???
its been 1,2,3,4,5....mths ever since we all gathered again~
oo this little star boy bday~

Happy Bur-Day~
Its the Pirates Party 21st June'08 Ahoy
our Captain Jas

thOugh it was sUppose tO be a holiday~but instead we're like on a slimming programme~cos there was pratically nth tO do on the island~except snorkling,diving,tanning & beach volley~sO we have cOme back ~becoming golden brown~tOned our body~and perhaps lost a bit of weight~
tOok a rail-way train 13hrs of journey~ luckily we bOoked a tiny winy bEd instead of seat~

finally we reach Coral View Resort~no tv,no phone,nO boiling water,empty fridge~smelly wardrobe,super-big mosquitoe~and lastly 2 big-size mirror,dunno for what~

yesh,we just lOve cam-wore~

1st day ended with the word 'exhausted'cheap dinner~make a new japanese friend,MlhO~
speedbOat with our sUper-bright orange life-vest~
allright,we are on our way tO our 1st destination tO snork~we snOrk at Lang Tengah Island,Redang Island etc etc~almost conquere snorkling most of the little island around~ worth the $$ haa~

guys,open ur eyes BIG BIG~this is what i called"LOVELY "