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Climbing Mt Fuji has been one of my bucket list ~ Its neither easy nor difficult ~
Standing 3776m, it is Japan's highest and most prominent mountain ~ The mountain itself may looks attractive from afar however the experience of  climbing up in the early wee hours among the hundreds of equally minded hikers  from across the world, are very rewarding.

Its my virgin climb for Mt Fuji &  im sure its gotten be a lifelong memories for me!
The most popular trail is the Yoshida Trail at an altitude of 2300m, which is the starting of 5th station ~ Aug is the season for climbing hence the number of tourist and Japanese  was seen preparing to start their hike too ~

( The red torii gate is the land mark of Torii-So lodge, 2900m above sea level! )

We started our climb at noon, initially it was easy, as we get higher up, there was a few times that we literally  need to climb on all four limbs before we could get up! But luckily in 4 hours time, we are up at the 8th station of our mountain huts to rest ~

Stepping into the Big '3' ~ To be frank, i have no feelings ~ Its just another number isnt it ~

It sounds dumb but still worth mentioning. No matter how good or bad, we still gotten get over it ~ The number/word 30 hangs over us like a solemn marker of adulthood, 
as though we woke up with wizened eyes and a headful of sage wisdom ~ 

Nothing magical happens when we turn 30 ~
30 is just a time of rapid change ~ And Yes, im more ready for more adventure than i am right now ~
A lot of pressie received this year are all connected to travelling ~ thank you everyone! You guys know who you are ~