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27 May'06

its key into my brain~
anD i hOpe this try last forever~
2 wOrst dressings i've ever dOne in my 3 yrs life~
bOth with maggOts crawling arOund~
anD damn such a fOul smEll~
till i wanna vOmit~

anD i'm sUrplse~
i'm still alive without anything gOing into my stOmach since morning!
usually i'll bE having hypO liao~

1 more weEk tO go~
anD i'll bE free~
sO buCk uP gal!!!
i'm climbing~
i'm always falling~
i'm also always picking myself up~

its goes the same this time rOund~
i've to manage to pick myself up once again~
without any hElp~

i hOpe i can succeed~
cos i've no more time to fall again!

i'll try to keep on the positive side!
the tears in my eyes have blurred my vision~
i no longer can see clearly again~
i'm in dOubt~
can sOmeone enlightened mE!
gUess what~
i've recelvEd my licence~
yEah ^_^
bUt the plc uGly uGly~
nO time tO take a new plc sO just settle fOr the Old plc~
sO regrEt!!!

haa~i'm tOo haPpy/laZy tO change oUt of UnifOrm

way back hOme jUst now~
thinking & thinking & thinking~

thOught that sometimes in lifE~
one sldn't pln sO much hOpe in dOing something~
yEsh,mOre effOrt & confidence is neEded~
bUt sometimes tOo over~
makE things more wOrst!

jUst like how my driving fareS~
nOt only that~
still gOt other things~

if i mysElf know i've pUt in effOrt~
in dOlng something~
nO matter what the rEsult is~
i know that's enOugh!!!

arh slan~
i'll bE dOlng nigHt shlft on wEd & thU~
3yrs in my lifE~
1st 2 night shlft haa~
hopefUlly can sUrvive~

perhaps i sld drink sOme volka b4 i gO for wOrk~
haa~coS a bit of alcolic makeS me awake!
or maybE U guys can call mE & chat with mE~
tO all the Mothers In thls wOrld nO matter where U are ^_^
slaCk @ hoMe today~
always last min fly kltE~

i wanna get an MP3~
i wanna get tat grEen adidda sling bAg~

---blaStlng the music---

((200 Ways to Cheer Yourself ))

181.Call the people who mean the most to u and tell that person how u feel.

182. Don…t give a second thought to how others view how u handle your life.
183. Make happy memories for someone else.

184. Learn when to say enough is enough!

185. Even if you can…t sleep, rest!

186. Just because you make a mistake doesn…t mean you are a mistake!

187. Let love be the motive behind all your actions

188. Start the next chapter of your life with a clean slate.

189. Write down all roles you play in life. Are there any that you want to change or even drop?

190. Make a recipe for life that is nine parts happiness and only one part heartache

191. Always be asking yourself how can you be happier.

i'm tired real tired~
since attachment start~
nO 1 day is a gOod rest~

at last tOday can slp sO sOundly~
bUt have tO replace wOrk on Sat~

today paper~
frankly,i'm scared~
its the last of the last~

i'm lOsing my appetite~
since attachment start again~
skipping meals~
snacks for meals~
gastric pain~
every signs & symptoms has appeared!

i nO longer can finish 1 meal properly~
even @ hOme!
i'm dead!!!

p/s:Congrates Shuli,u made it tOo!Happy for U!Shall cya on Frl,its ladles night!!!
tester :'Do you know u are driving so slow','i can reach jurong in 30mins if for you ard 1hr man'
tester :'you are always delaying here & there ar & nv check ur rear mirror etc etc'
tester :'alyo this is the 3rd time u took liao leh'

After all the nagging,the tester purposely cover up,don't wanna let me see before finally~he pass me the paper!

And i saw yEah"I PASS" - 18 pts
*all my small minor things was deducted*

this time~
a peaceful & calm mind~
nO more worrying if i'll cry a not~
perhaps i'm numb liao~
it seems that even though i've pass~
im not in the least happy at all!

thinking that 'oh i've pass ok,at last BUT its on my 3rd attempt'~
my own expectations are always falling below it~

anyway,everyone is happy for me,thankz ppl =)
those who give me the encOuragement,i appreciate!
not forgetting my 2 instrutors,Desmond & Paul =>

~!~!~!~!~back tO attachmEent~!~!~!~!~

PRCP ended for most of my friends oUt there~
'busy' is the wOrd~

bUsy till i forgot the time~
busy till i sklp my break~
bUsy till i no longer knows what i'm dOlng~
busy till i no longer knows what tired is~
bUsy till i cant even sleep wEll at night~

*tOns and tOns of things tO learn*
sO tons & tons of stress is pilling uP again!
*anD l'll have tO learn it fast & well*

lastly buSy till i almost forgot tml is my TP~
jUst started tO get some anxiety~
3rd time liao~
kEeps pondering 'will i pass'~

my mum threatened me tO pass leh~
if not~hohOoo!!!
Best of lUck tO me!!!
the cafE atmosphere was grEat & nice~
had an enjOyable night ~
thankz kEnnEth!!!
p/s:eh remember the photo hor,i want leh haa!!!

----bOred nOw----
fOund this questionaire on someone bLog's~
find it interesting sO here wE gO~~~

Name: pEili
Nickname(s): ah-li / yOng...
Racial Background: Asian
Blood Type: O
Birth Date: 4/9/1984
Horoscope: vlrgO
Hometown: Singapore
Location: North-east
Eye Color/Type: Light Brown
Hair Color/Type: Black w/ fated dyE
Height: tall
Weight: average

Do you wear prescription glasses?: Yesh
Do you wear sunglasses?: depends
Do you wear prescription lens?: Yeah
Do you wear colored contacts?: Nope
Best Features (looks): hmm.. eyes
Worst Features (looks): FATsss haa~
Transportation:Bus only,i'm a nerd in taking train
Pets: nopE~i hope i can havE a chamelOn haa~i'm cOld-blooded!

General Mood: ^_^
Words to Describe You:cheerful,dependable,organise,quiet,observable!
What Type of Person are You: thinker,always think haa~
Best Features (personality): hmm....
Worst Featu…