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recently im hOOked on 'Typing Maniac'
my eyesight gotten increase~~
Happy Birthday GrandPa~

along the path of wOrking life~
im tired~
ideas of studying pOp uP~

lOts of brain cells have die~
have i beEn thinking hard~
have i nOt been thinking hard enuFf~

during the path~
i wait~
till the land & roses disappear
i met~
and finally found the one truth love i seeks for~
its beautiful~

continuing my path~
with friends who understands & stay by me~
is a blessing~

im happy =)
its all abOut shOp ~ eAt ~ massage @ ~BangkOk~

If I could wish upon tomorrow,
Tonight would never end.

'Cause everything that brought me here,
Well, now it all seems so clear.
Baby, you're the one I've been dreamin' of.
If anyone can make me fall in love again, You can.

Happy 2nd mOnth dear~

its been like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9..... 10mths ever since i toOk leave~ no idea how can i 'work' sOoo long~
tired is the only word that can described me now!!!

1 more day cOuntdown~ and i'll be leaving for BANGKOK~ nothing fancy about~ just a short sweet trlp with my dearest besties~

oh gotten miss my dear~ gotten miss our 2nd mOnth again~ its ok,more to come in aUgust =)