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been thinking a lot~
been questioning a lot too~
yesh i'm tired now but still give me 2 more months!

i might~
i might really~
i might really consider~
back n..........
tOday charity drive with the children was fUn~

hOlding their hands~
tOking tO them~
having lUnch with them~
making sOme paper craft with them~
and of cOs taking plc with them~

but still sOme of them can make ur blOod bOil haaa~
overall was not bad although its seEms tat the dUck tour was a bit bOring =)

p/s:allright half of the disney plc upload~heihei~
Disadvantages of following a tOur grOup:
1) when your tour is all older adults & yet the tOur gUide bring you to places which u are not interested.

2) suCks when there's a photographer following us taking plc of us & developing the photo out,and yet we've to pay $100+ for just 1 stupid plate with our photo pasted on it.damn plss off as its not like we've no camera tO take out plc mah.f***!

3) its when your tOur guide is super cannot make it but its an exception for us cos luckily we have got 2 super nice tour guides.=)

Adavantages :
1) buses to bring you around no matter how far~
2) meals provided at least haa~

overall of my HK trlp,so-so lah cos there's unhappiness,disagreement etc lah~the fun only starts in DISNEYLAND yeahhhhh~

as for shopping~didn't shOp much~sO didn't buy mUch,sad for a shOpper like me haa~only bought 2 boots,2 tops,a few keychines from disney etc!

dun wanna tOk much,let my plc dO the tOking ba =)

p/s: i've upload a few days plc uP in my
i know this entry is late for a weEk~
bUt hei dUe tO my wOrk no chOice~
haD a slurrrr buffet @ Pariss with Jie~
bOth of uS gain ard 2kg liao after the meal haa~

i'm just pack with my wOrk for the continous 6 days~
everyday thrOw in a few new staffs for me~
and i'm just repeating the same things everyday~
but anyway overall~
wOrk is quite fun for the time being haa~

will be leaving for Hong Kong tml~
friends dUn miss me tOo much~
i'll enjOy myself to the fUllest haa~
what should i say~

a lot of ppl ask me the same question over & over again these few days~

'pEili,finally graduated liao ar'
'sO now going to wOrk at ur expertise liao ar'

my answer will be:
'erhm hmmm,c how'

from the starting,i've never want nursing at all~
its like a no choice course for me tO get in~
but ever since i'm into it & finally graduted now~
i didn't hate it or wat~
i'm glad i'm into nursing,at least i learn a lot of nursing stuffs~

and nOw~

i know its a waste if i dun apply what i've learn into it~
but now i just wanna stOp nursing stuffs for a while & dO whatever i want & wish tO do!
isn't 3 years in nursing already tiring for me liao~
i just wanan pause for a while!


i guess everyone in fourskin knows what i wanna dO after graduate~
tO fly ard is my dream!
perhaps give me a few years~

sO now before i start pursueing my flying~
i'll be wOrking as a 'retail supervisor' *hur,sOunds nice ar*
means i'll be in …
i tossed here & there in my bEd since 12am till now~
still cOuldn't get tO sleep~
i've never ever beEn tat wOrried before~
i pray hard~

sO i log on net~
and i couldn't control my tears~
when i saw my result~

i've clEared~
finallyi've GRADUATED~

i swear i've never been so joyful before~
this christmas is gOing tO be a joyful occasion for me!

thank to those who have been giving me support~
thank god!!!

cOngrates tO SiyOng too~
we've wOrk hard together & derserve it =)

after getting my result~
next the big head thing is WORK~
i'm still considering wanna take over a not!
its a love at 1st sight~
when i saw this small little clown on the magazine~
i knew i gotten get it right away~
and here it becOme my 1st collectiOn~

its call 'Triangle'
origin from Italy Roma~
i like this little angle not becos of the story behind it~
its just simply look so cute =)

if u guys have watch the 10pm channel U the pilot show~
arha,u may have find it familiar~

more of the triangles,arhaa all lOoks sO cute!
perhaps any of u can get me 1 of this as my christmas gift~

Updates for the Past few days:

Birthday celebration fOr Ken~
Happy BurrDay haaa~


Elizabeth & Ray ROM~

p/s: tmr is the day!!!

just finished 'gOng'~
*ok i'm slOw haa*

tat's my 2nd kOrean shOw after f.. h..~

my tEars drOp for the ending~
its nice~
suPer ultRa nice haa~
never regret buYing it hoho!!!
when did i last saw u~
i remember its last year at the IT fair of starhub booth~

was sO surprise tO seE u again~
still the same~
never change~

still recognise me~
i guess so & hopefully =)
ever 'clUb' with ur cOlledge & bOss~
ever 'dancE' with ur cOlledge & bOss~


wOndering hOw our bOss dancE~
seEms werid in the 1st place~

bUt hOpefully everyOne is enjOying =)
i swear i saw a bitch just now~
awaitin fOr my neW entry hee~
takE a peEp at the new shOp =p

allright nExt is the < Vintage Party >
p/s: plc of this party will upload later after i get from everyOne~
sO huishan,plz help me get the plc from fionA & send me!!!

nExt again is the < Fashion Coup d'etat >

more plc here
its tiring packing uP~
wOrking hard on the new shOp opening~
chit chatting all the way~

feels kind of 'satisfy' tO c everything nicely dOne~


having a 'naggy bOss'


mE & jasmlnE
info wrong~
i'll be damn bUsy in nOv~
cos i owN ppl days tO worK~
nvm at least i got pay for this mOnth~

fourskin & skinnie in heEren is mOving~
tO a bigger premises~
at the back~
the whOle long stretch~
bUt i guess no more fOoling~
nO more chit chatting~
and more wOrk~

but enjOying the packing in progrEss =)
i'm dOne with my papers~
i'm dOne with my sickness~
getting wEll in progress~

anD now i feel sO blanked~
not knowing what tO do next~
although i'm still stUck with sOme days left tO work in nOV~

and i have the feelings tat i'm gOing tO be very F.R.E.E. in nOv~

give me mOre assignments plz dlOn~
i wanna wOrk~
i wanna earn mOre sO can spEnd in dEc~

i'm lOoking forward tO:
christmaS hoHohO~
anD the children's hOme charity event!
having a bad week~

sick while mugging for exam~
tat's wOrst~
hate it~
getting more & more tired~

i sld have get myself hospitalise & settle everything~
all the injections etc etc~
short term suffering rather than long term!!!

wanna seE an example of my tonsillitis~
dUn pUke allright!!!
click here
~H.A.P.P.Y.2.3.r.d..B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y my dearest Sis E.l.a.i.n.e~
exam cOming,jia yOu ok~
cya back here in sPore sOon
~H a P p Y 22nd B i R t H d A Y my sweetest J a S o N~
u r the sweetest of all,lUv ya =) may u find ur princess sOOn & enjOy ya day!

~ H a p p Y 22nd B i r t h d a Y president K e n n E t h Ylp~
hope u've overcOme ur sadness~ bE strOng, gO all out & enjOy today k~ will always bE there tO lend u my ears haa~
did i or did i not~
or am i thinking tOO much~
cos i dun wanna rUin it~
dun be tOo good~
all my '1st tlmE' spEnd this weEkenD haaa~
1st time fliming~
heihei,quite enjOyable~
the directOr was nice =)

my role was act as an wayang *opera singer*~
sO there my whOle face gOes white,pink,blacK~
1st experience haaa~
sO watch out for the new seasOn trUe files of 'pEeping tOm' =p

dO i lOok like 1 of the wayang singer~ =p

makE-uP in progress~
can seE that i'm wEaring a wlg haa~
allright tOday went fOr my 1st jOb interview~
*didn't make it thrOugh,nvm*
really dislike wearing fOrmal although a lOt say i wear fOrmal nice~
thick-skin pUiii haaaa~
jUdge ursElf~

p/s:damn its beEn a weEk and i'm still cOughin,my thrOat still hUrts~
i'm already on sUper plain dIet for the whOle weEk arggg~