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a real traveler will be a wonderer, experience travellers joy, temptation and expedition the will ~ right now im heading out to find that joy ~ wish me luck =)
今天我目睹了一对父子情深的画面! 一个二十一岁的男孩捐了半个肝肠个他的父亲!  而他一清醒的第一句话"手术成功吗?我父亲还好吗?"  我眼泪就差点冒了出来!  他,真的让我很敬佩!  我会为你们祈祷的!
entering the second half of the year ~ i hope its a good one ~ but just as i though so ~ just met with an accident ~ ya, one and only one accident in spore for me ~ my car backside was kissed ~ lucky thing is, im allright ~ blessing in disguise ~