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Another short trip with my fav girls which happen to be all my NCss ~ Well, as i cant go on any long trip yet due to my health, just make do with this ~ No plans, just eat and shop around where we stay ~ Well, the "air bnb" in hk really has the "local" feel ~ Its in Mirador Mansion which Jenny's happen to be there ~ The NCs was so excited as they can lunged the whole lots of Jenny's home!
A relax trip cos most of us has been having burnt out due to work ~ Hence, a short relax trip for all =) Till the next trip!
It was a impromptu trip ! Was sick before this trip hence this trip was kind of a sick trip !

But im glad it turns our well and we had lots of fun ~ Although we almost got heat stroke under the hot sun!

Went back to some of the familiar places and it was nice seeing them ~ Had the usual street food that we both love! Book a tour bringing us around to different places where we never went before and it was good! Thank you Penang!!!